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A Puppy-Free Day

Friday, February 1, 2008
Well, I had to take "the boys" in this morning to get neutered. Wow, what an opening sentence! Maybe I should have softened it a bit like, "Well, I had to take "the boys" in this morning to have "their little equipment adjusted." Or maybe, "I took "the boys" in this morning to have their manhood adjusted." Oh well, the bottom (pun intended) line is that they had successful surgery today and are resting comfortably in a double-wide kennel so they can be together! We pick them up in the morning.
Oh, by the way, the vet techs had to weigh the guys before surgery. When they were in a month ago Asa weighed about 29 pounds and Haver weighed about 32. Today, ONLY A MONTH LATER, they weighed 49 (Asa) and 54 (Haver!) That might explain this:

What's the matter, can't you see it? Maybe a close-up will help.

It happened a couple of days ago. I was watching TV and working on my laptop. I was feeling rather smug because both of the boys were being really good! Asa was on the floor off to my right, chewing on a bone and Haver was right in front of me, chewing on a stuffed bear...at least I thought he was. When either one of the guys are excited while they are chewing or playing with something, they roll over. So, all of a sudden, Haver rolls over and I discover that he was NOT chewing on the BEAR, he was CHEWING ON THE CHAIR!!! ARG!!

So, this morning when I took them in to _____ (fill in your favorite wording from above)....the first tech took Haver and weighed him. He sat down right on the scale like a good little boy. Then the second tech took Asa, and had a little bit of trouble getting him to sit on the scale. The first tech said, "Ha, ha! I got the GOOD one!" I looked at her and said,"You have no idea how wrong that statement is!"

Asa (the angel) and Haver saying, "Who, me?"

Thanks for reading!

6 comments to A Puppy-Free Day:

Kathy said...

My daughter gets so mad b/c our golden chews all of her stuffed animals and any other toy she can get in her mouth! I hope she grows out of it soon...the dog, not Emily :)

Colleen said...

Your puppies are just way too adorable!!! I want to give them hugs! Maybe their missing "manhood" will make them a bit tamer?? Maybe they won't chew on things other than food or toys? Well, one can only hope! hehe!
Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

OH Annette!! I just love the babies!! They are absolutely adorable! Yeah I know they are really cute and loveable until they chew up things. This will pass in time (not long just within the next 3yrs). Go buy some "Bitter Apple" at the pet store and spray on things. Unfortunately Havier may be like Wendy and think it taste good! LOL!! You have to spray it everyday though for it to work. LOL!

Good Luck,


Nita said...

Oh Annette, are you sure one of those sweet innocent faces did it? LOL. Doesn't it remind you of when your kids were teething? Hahahaa!

Kristi said...

They are adorable. Yes, they look so innocent. Our German short hair tries to get anything and everything to chew on. He even tries to pull my slippers off my feet. LOL

Sue "T" said...

Oh Annette,
Those precious little babies. They are so unbelievably sweet, I just want to reach through there and hug them.
I do believe that Haver has an expensive taste for food, leather. I don't want to laugh, but that reminds me of when Chelsee was a puppy and she ate the whole corner of our aluminum siding on our house and then ate my prize rose bush, thorns and all, all the way to the ground.
The good news, they do grow out of it.
I hope removing "having their little equipment adjusted" will calm him, hehe.
I hope that do well.
Love and hugs,
Sue :-)