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I think my beloved husband heard me whining...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

3 comments to I think my beloved husband heard me whining...:

Sue "T" said...

Honey, you have the most caring and beautiful husband. That had to have brought tears to your eyes.
What a beautiful and loving gesture, he is tops in my book.
You are both amazing people sweetie, God Bless You Both!!!
Much love,
Sue :-)

Donna said...

He's the best!!! He really knows how to brighten your day! Plus, so does God because today's a beautiful sunny day! Enjoy the warm sun and know we just keeping getting closer to spring.
Love, Donna

Di said...

Rod is wonderful, but that is nothing new to YOU. What a peach he is! It helped me to know it is only 54 more days until Spring! That gave me a lift too. Everyday is that much closer, and ohhh myyy will we ever appreciate that warm sunshine!
Hugs, di