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I went to school today!! :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008
I was suppose to volunteer at school this morning, but, my teacher friends were looking out for me! They called before I left the house to let me know that the wind-chill was -6 degrees! I had NO IDEA that it was that cold! So, I went this afternoon instead! I had so much fun, AND I think I did pretty well! I was actually very nervous. It's been about three years since I have officially "taught" school. But, I fell right back into the old routine while working on reading with some amazing first graders! I was going to only stay an hour but, I ended up staying about 20 minutes longer. Then, when I was getting ready to go, the parking lot was all full of parents picking up their kids. So, I ended up staying another 1/2 hour! So, needless to say, I'm pretty tired. But, it was well worth it! I can't wait to go again next week!

Thanks for reading!

7 comments to I went to school today!! :):

Kristi said...

I am sooooooooo envious. I am sure you fit right in. However, I would feel more comfortable with fourth and fifth graders. Sounds like it was wonderful for you. Just don't over do it.
Love ya

Colleen said...

I was wondering if you had gone today! I'm glad you got the chance to be there! It sounds like something you will enjoy often. Just be careful not to overdo! I know that's easier said than done! lol
Colleen :)

Sue "T" said...

I am so very glad you got to go today. And, that was so nice of your friends to call you and let you know about the temp. You can tell they really care about you.
I'm sure after a few minutes, you just fit right in, as I told you, once a teacher, always a teacher.
Just don't over do it, each week you will know your limitations.
I'm so happy for you honey!!!
Sue :-)

Wendy's Mom said...

I was wondering if you got to go today, and so excited that you got to go. YAHOOO!!!
My Dear I was not a bit worried about you fitting in, I was more worried about you fitting in to well and staying to long and wearing yourself out. I can't wait to see how next week goes.
Just PROMISE you will not over do it. PLEASE!!


Di said...

What a fun day you had. I am sure you were tired when you got home but hopefully it was a "good" tired! I know you made a difference with those students as well. They will be so happy to see you next week! I know you understand how important those little things are to children.
Rest up! hugs, di

Kathy said...

I miss being in the classroom as well...I am so happy for you :) Are you volunteering as a reading coach? What is your role exactly...just trying to figure out how I could help at Emily's school...or, do you go wherever needed...I guess since we are both certified teachers, they would use us in that capacity. God bless!

Donna said...

I'm so happy you had a good day at school! I'm sure those kids loved having you there and can't wait for next week. You're back doing God's work and touching lives. Just remember to keep Annette in the #1 position and take care of yourself.
Love, Donna