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OK, I surrender! I'm sick and tired of this CRAP!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010
I'm thinking that this sinus infection has decided to take permanent residency. I'm thinking I need to go and get it a "Green Card!" Ha-ha! Get it? Yeah, I know, that's gross. But, right now that's about all I've got left in my repertoire!

We've broken a record in Omaha for the longest time ever having at least an inch of snow on the ground. Today we are at a record-breaking 74 days. But, as the weather-people so kindly point out, we've had at least 5-6 inches of snow for that time frame, forget the wimpy 1 inch stuff!

We've also had a record-breaking amount of snow this season. Last year, at this point, we had 16.5 inches. The average is 18.6 inches of snow for the season. So far, this year, we are sitting at 45.9 inches of snow!! I really, really need to have someone explain this "Global Warming" thingie to me because it's just not making much sense.

The temperatures are also refusing to be ignored! We've recorded below normal temperatures (anywhere from 5-15 degrees below normal!)all this season!

Oh, and did I mention that we're suppose to get another 2-3 inches of snow tonight and another 2-3 inches of snow on Sunday night? Nebraska weather....maybe it's Alaska weather....maybe I somehow got tele-ported to Alaska when I wasn't watching....

OK, sorry that this is such a boring and whiny post. I figured I better post something and this is as good as I can do tonight.

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Just a quick update...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
I went to an ENT specialist. I told her that I've been having nose bleeds, sinus headaches and low grade fevers off and on for two weeks and that I feel like crap. She looked things over and said that, at the least, I have a sinus infection. She gave me antibiotics for two weeks. If things aren't then better, I need to go in for a C.T. scan because she really thinks that I have some kind of chronic sinus infection. So' keep your fingers crossed.
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