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Not much happening...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
I'm just hanging out being a bum. I tried to go out to a funeral for the mother of a friend of ours from church. But, the parking lot was full and I was going to have to park a couple of blocks away. With several inches of snow on the ground and more coming down, I just couldn't bring myself to drag my O2 through all of that. So, instead I came home and watched "All My Children." Haver fell asleep on the couch next to me, which is very sweet. Except, that he has a bit of a snoring problem, so I had to turn the volume up pretty high!


2 comments to Not much happening...:

Sue "T" said...

It sounds like you had a relaxing afternoon, no way being a bum honey.
I'm glad you did not try to walk through the snow to the funeral home. I know you would liked to have gone, but after falling the other day, PLEASE PLEASE be careful. You do not have alot of padding and I would NOT want you to get banged up like I did.
Does Rod ever get to snap a picture of you cuddling with one or both of the dogs with you sound asleep? What a beautiful candid shot that would be.
Put a bug in his ear hehe.
Hugs and keep warm.
Sue :-)

Sue "T" said...

It sounded like I said you fell the other day, anyone that is reading this, Annette did not fall the other day, I did.
Sorry, I didn't pay more attention to how that was worded.
Sue :-)