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A Cold, Cold Day in Omaha!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
These temperatures are just insane!! Most of the schools in the area closed for the day because of the wind chills at -20 to -25 degrees! I lived for "snow days" or in this case, "cold days" when I was teaching. The teachers used to have to go to school on those days. But, a few years ago it was changed, so now, even the teachers get to stay home. I LOVED having "snow and/or cold" days when the boys were home. We would dig in for the day, play games, play outside and have hot chocolate when we couldn't feel our toes any more! Later, when the boys were gone, I still loved the "snow and/or cold" days because then I could go to school and get lots of work done with no students around. I've always taught at schools with very dedicated and very busy teachers. So, on those special days where the kids were at home because of the weather, we would joke that there were so many teachers at school working that we could still teach a building full of kids!!

So I spent my "cold day" by doing a little crocheting (did I mention that some of us at church are learning how to crochet so we can make prayer shawls for people who are sick or struggling with life? Basically,the way I understand it, as you crochet the shawl you pray for that individual. Then when the shawl is finished you hand it over to that person.), a little reading (I just began "T is for Trespass" by Sue Grafton.), a little TV watching (All My Children) and a little playing with the pups. There are so many reasons for wanting warmer weather. One of the big ones is so that I can play with the pups outside. I'll be able to take my Inogen portable concentrator outside and throw the ball and have them run and chase without getting all tangled up in my oxygen tubing. It very frustrating.

Well, tonight is the girls night to sing on American Idol. I'm a HUGE idol fan! My sister is also a HUGE idol fan! We made quite a few back and forth phone calls last night to make comments or criticisms about the boys. We both love the cute little 16 year old boy from Utah, David. He's just so happy to be there!

One more thing...I would like to ask for prayers again. We have a very young phriend from New Mexico who is in the hospital with pneumonia. Her name is Eliana and she is only 4 1/2 years old. She is on IV medicine, similar to mine and is also on oxygen. She is a sweetheart who is full of life. She could really use some prayers for a quick recovery and for her family to stand strong.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I'm thinking the puppies look tired enough so I will have a quiet night of Idol-watching, don't you?



4 comments to A Cold, Cold Day in Omaha!:

Wendy's Mom said...

I am so glad you are learning to crochet!! That way by June you will be able to teach me!! LOL!!

The puppies are so cute and if they were black they would look like Wendy!! They are getting to be big boys! They also have the look that says "My Mommy and Daddy Loves me very much! I am so lucky!!"

Love ya,

Colleen said...

I love your puppies, they are too cute!! It sounds like you had a very nice day keeping warm! It was chilly here, too, but not that bitter! I still didn't go out, though, I was supposed to meet friends for coffee tonight. I wasn't taking the risk! I can't seem to get into Idol this year, I don't know why! I'm glad you're enjoying it though!
Colleen :)

Kathy said...

I love American Idol as well...Brian and I sit there and watch and we are worse than Simon with the criticism...although, some are very good. We took Emily to the last Idol concert...it was a big disappointment...won't do that again...but, it is fun to watch on TV...I have a few favorites so far, but I cannot recall their names right now...maybe next week :)

Lisa said...

I am so happy you have learned to crochet prayer shawls. I absolutely love the one you made for Brady! Or was it a rug?? I can't wait for him to hear about all of Auntie Annette's antics. :-)

Love to you,