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Nice Weekend!

Sunday, February 3, 2008
Chris came home for the weekend! He got in around midnight on Friday, having to catch the late flight because of a meeting at work. (How cute is that? My baby boy had a meeting at work that he had to be at! All grown up...) Anyway, He and Rod spent the day on Saturday doing "dad and son" things. They picked up the puppies from the vets (they did very well and are just a bit sore and really tired), went to the grocery store and a couple of other "guy kind" of things. I went to our pulmonary hypertension support group meeting. It was a good meeting with my doctor, Dr. Austin Thompson, being the guest speaker. He talked about various treatments for PH and the new cutting edge trials using chemo-type drugs. We had several new people there, which is sad because they have PH, but also good because they came for support. We also had a guy stop by who had a double-lung transplant 6 months ago. He is doing great and also looks great!

Saturday night Rod, Nick, Chris and myself went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill. It was great food (too much) and fabulous conversation! It's so strange to sit and have conversations about politics and ethical issues with my "two little boys!" They have certainly grown up to be amazing young men. Rod and I are so very, very blessed.

Unfortunately, we decided to go see the moveie, "Rambo" after dinner. I had not read any reviews but we all love Sylvester Stalone and enjoyed the old Rambos and figured it would be a good movie. Nick had heard there is a lot controversy about the movie and that it is banned in Southeast Asia because it is too accurate in depicting what has gone one and is going on with "ethnic cleansing." It was horribly, horribly graphic. You know it must have been bad if Rod, Nick AND Chris all said it was very graphic and they could have done without seeing that movie. So, eight thumbs down on that movie!

This morning Rod and I met up with Nick and Chris for breakfast after church. Then, Rod, Nick and Chris worked on building a compost box for Nick. (Yet again, another reason why I'm glad that I'm "the girl!"). We took Chris to the airport, dropped off the compost box and then Rod and I came home and are watching the Super Bowl. (I'm cheering for the Patriots because I'd like to see them make history going undefeated. Rod though, wants the Giants because he likes to "go for the underdog.")

Well, I need to get back to the game. It looks like "my team" needs a little encouragement!

Thanks for reading!


2 comments to Nice Weekend!:

Di said...

I am so glad you had such a great visit with both of your boys. You and Rod have raised amazing young men who you have every right to be very proud of.
My team (and Rod's won last night). Some great commercials, right? hugs, di

paula54 said...

I was cheering for the pats too. There were9 people at my house and only 2 of us were for the paatriots. DANG!