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A Beautiful Day in Omaha!!

Friday, February 22, 2008
The temperature actually got up into the upper 30's today!! It was fabulous! I went out to lunch with my husband and a couple of friends including a Rabbi from a local synagogue. It was lots of fun talking about everything from goofy to spiritual. He has offered to come to one of my bible study classes and teach a lesson on the Old Testament. Wouldn't that be cool?
The puppies are outside enjoying the nice weather. Asa brought me a "lovely" gift a little bit ago...a dead, flat, long, skinny and STINKY MOUSE!!! Of course, I wasn't really paying attention when he came in and didn't notice that his mouth was full. But, then he dropped it, right at my feet! I know I should be thrilled that he loves me so much, but YUCK!!! My sister has several cats who are always bringing her "lovely" gifts. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'd rather have balls of horse poop gifts instead of mice! I guess I should be happy that at least it was dead!!

*Serious change of topic... I don't know what is going on in the PH world but we now have another phriend in the hospital. Her name is Barbara and her husband is very concerned about her. I would appreciate prayers for Barbara and continued prayers for Eliana. Eliana, by the way, is starting to improve! Praise God!

*One more topic change...Rod and I are going to the movies tonight. We're going to see "Vantage Point." I'll be giving a movie review tomorrow. Also, my sister is coming up from Lincoln tomorrow so we can see a chick flick. We're going to "Definitely, Maybe." So, stay tuned for two movie reviews tomorrow!

2 comments to A Beautiful Day in Omaha!!:

Di said...

Sounds like you had a delightful day. I am so pleased it is finally warming up, especially for YOU!!
Can't wait to read the movie reviews. Hugs, di

Wendy's Mom said...

I am so glad that you guys finally had a nice day. You did deserve it. We had a very pretty day today as well, it always helps when you feel bad to see a pretty sky even if you are not out in it. LOL!

Now I am sorry but the gift Asa brought you well I am sure he meant well. LOL!! If that had of been me I would have been screaming to where you could hear me in Omaha. LOL!! Needless to say I do not care if they are dead or alive I do not want them anywhere near me. LOL!!
I hope you have restrained from letting him kiss you today. Poor ASA he thought he was being a good boy!! At least give him a big HUG!!
and I nice REAL treat!!!