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An Update :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008
I'm feeling lots better! I had increased my pump rate for my Flolan from 81 to 84 Monday night so I could breath more easily. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to balance out the side effects from Flolan and the symptoms from PH. Finally today my body seems to have adjusted to the pump rate of 84 with few side effects, at least side effects that I can tolerate with the help of pain meds, etc. I'm having very few chest pains and rapid heart rates also. So, I'm going to keep it at this rate for a few days and see how I do. It's been a while since I've had a dose increase, so it might just have been time to for more Flolan, or I still might have a bug or something. Whatever it is, I'm feeling better.

Subject change: Did you know that 4 1/2 month old yellow labs act like colicky babies? Every night from about 6-8 they are crazy wild! They chase and yip and fight over toys and basically turn INSANE!! Then around 8:30 or so they shut down and sleep, sleep, sleep! It's almost 8:30! Yahoo!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers and concern.


4 comments to An Update :):

paula54 said...

I'm happy to see you post! My pump rate has been at 72 for probably 2 or 3 years. It was as high as 92! Glad you're feeling a little better. Give those doggies a hug from me. Love ya, Paula

Di said...

I am so glad to see that you are feeling a bit better. I have been worried about you. So good to hear from you!!!
Your puppies are a riot. They sure keep all of us laughing.
Keep smiling and we will continue our prayers. hugs, di

Sue "T" said...

Hi Annette,
I am SO GLAD you are feeling better. I have been so worried about you, so much.....that I posted on the message board asking you if you were ok. I'm sorry, I don't mean to panic, we all just care so much and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
I think the past couple months, you have been so busy with traveling and your big openhouse at your home and the fundraiser and your puppies and Christmas and New Years.......WHEW ANNETTE, I need a nap now, how did you do it girlie? hehehe!!
You rest more until you are really perked up honey.
Much love and many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)

Colleen said...

I'm really happy you are feeling better! I hope that it continues for you! Reading about your playful puppies made me tired! LOL I'm sure they are fun to watch playing, though! :)
Colleen :)