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I'm feeling kind of crappy...

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm here to whine. I was having problems with PH symptoms a week ago and increased my Flolan which helped quite a bit. So, that's not the problem. But, after that was fixed I started having trouble getting to sleep at night AND I started gaining weight. I contacted my Addison's doctor and she felt that it sounds like I'm taking too many steroids for what my body needs right now. So, I'm going to cut back a little bit on those for a few days and see if that helps.
But, that's not what I'm here to whine about. I've got some kind of a bug! I got a cold sore, my right ear hurts, my head hurts and I've started coughing. I have a very low-grade fever (99.3) which all indicate a virus. I probably got the stinking virus because of "upsetting my bodies applecart" with needing to change the Flolan and not being able to get enough sleep.
So, I did get out this morning to go to a funeral at my church. A friend and former teacher is in my Wednesday morning bible study. Her husband passed away after a very short and painful battle with a reoccurance (sp) of cancer he had 11 years ago. But, I'm going to bag tonight's PEO meeting. I've got to get over this stupid bug.
OK, whining time is over.

Thanks for reading.

6 comments to I'm feeling kind of crappy...:

The Admiral said...

Enough with your whining, privileged American Caucasian!

Okay, have a cup of cocoa and feel better.

Annette said...

My dear Admiral...you're kind of full of crap today! Glad to see you are your normal, lovely self! How are YOU, goofball? Shoot me an email sometime and let me know.
Thanks! :)

paula54 said...

To quote a dear friend, "WELL CRAP!" If it ain't one thing it's another! Sure hope you get over this bug and on to better things. Love ya,

Annette said...

Well crap is exactly right! Thanks my phriend.

Colleen said...

My dear, what you are saying is all too familiar to me! I have been feeling crappy for days now! I keep fighting a bug of some sort. One day I'm sort of fine, and the next day I'm really yucky! I hope you get better, soon!! Relax as much as you can! Take naps with the puppies! hehe
Love ya!
Colleen :)

WendysMom said...


My dear Phriend! You are not whining at all. You are feeling bad and just expressing how you feel so do not apologize for whining. Now go curl up on the bed with your SLEEPY babies, read a book, and go to sleep. (if babies are not sleepy then put them outside or somewhere so you can rest. LOL! Does not mean you do not love them just the same!)

Love ya,