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I didn't make it to school yesterday :(

Friday, January 25, 2008
The wind-chill was between -10 and -20! It's just too hard on my lungs to go out when the temp is in the high teens, let alone in the negative category. I'm seriously bummed. But am thrilled to see the forecast for the next week and it looks like there won't be any trouble with having fun at school next Thursday.

It did help to look at and smell my roses! I told Rod that every time I was getting sad or frustrated about the weather and not being able to go do anything, especially going to school, I would just go look at my roses and smell their beautiful aroma! I think that he thinks I'm a little goofy. But, he married me!

My sister is coming up to stay with me for a couple of days while Rod is out of town. We've got some serious goofy sister stuff planned! Plus, I'm putting her on puppy patrol. She's got a lot more energy than I do! :)

So, thanks for reading. I hope you have a great weekend!

2 comments to I didn't make it to school yesterday :(:

Jen said...

Sorry you didn't get to make it to school. But that sounds too cold for anyone..LOL
Hoping next week will be much better.
Enjoy the visit with your Sis:)
Beautiful pink roses!! What a Romantic:)))
That should make you smile.

paula54 said...

Hi Annette.
I am seriously jealous of your time with your sis! Hopefully mine will be coming to nebr. soon. There's going to be a baby shower for Carie so she's coming back for that.
Where did Rod find roses that smell good? The ones around here have no scent. I miss that! Enjoy your time with Kathy! Love, Paula