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Creepy Movie Review

Friday, January 4, 2008
Rod and I went to the Will Smith movie tonight, "I Am Legend." It was a very, very creepy and intense movie. I am going to need to spend the next half-hour looking at pictures of bunnies and kitties and tulips so I don't have nightmares! So, unless you like that kind of movie, I'd stay away. Will Smith showing off his incredibly buffed body though, did partially make up for me needed to pry my fingers from the armrests. I'm hoping I'll have more Will Smith dreams than the "Night Seekers" from the movie.

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to Creepy Movie Review:

Colleen said...

LOL!! You just make me laugh, my phriend!! I'd like to see that movie. I'm not creeped out by much! Will Smith really does have a buff body! Whoo hoo!...ahem...I will calm down now. :-D
~Colleen :)

Di said...

We went to "Charlie Wilson's War" on your rec. and liked it a lot. I think I will stay away from this one.
Take care dear! love, di

Sue "T" said...

Oh yikes. I don't like creepy movies, they always make me have horrible dreams.
I hope you looked at many pretty things before you went to bed and all was well.
I am not a movie goer, so I don't have any idea what that movie is about.
My favorite movies are Lifetime. I'm addicted to them, hehe. I think that is so nice that you and Rod have Friday movie nights. That is so awesome. Bob and I need to have dates again. Our life is too predictable, I need to see if this year we can change that.
Many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)