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Don't look if you have a weak stomach....

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Well, "Killer Asa" and "Killer Haver" took on a garter snake last night and they won. They've been sleeping ALL day! I was really enjoying it until about 4:00 when it dawned on me that maybe that snake had some kind of effect on the pups. So, I called the vet and sure enough! There's something in the snake's skin that would cause the dogs to get lethargic, nauseated and have diarrea! They told me if they were still having trouble tomorrow, to bring them in. Well, they are running around upstairs with Rod right now, so I'm pretty sure the "snake oil" has worn off!

I decided today that I needed to do something to protect future deliveries.

This new "special delivery" trunk is now on the front porch.

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to Don't look if you have a weak stomach....:

Colleen said...

Oh Annette, the tales of Haver and Asa just get me rolling! I just love your sign, I'm still laughing!! LOL! Those puppies sure are troublemakers!! But they are adorable, so it's hard to look past that! hehe
Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

Now I could have done without seeing the snake. I HATE snakes even pictures of them on the computer. I hope the puppies are okay. Please watch them closely though. Wendy has gotten bitten by 2 different snakes in the past 2 years and one of them really made her sick.

I love the box and the sign. I hope it works and you do not find one of the puppies using it as a bed after a delivery. LOL!! Remember I had an over active and over imagination Lab Puppy. They can get into stuff that I swear some adults could not figure out how to do it. LOL!! Like Colleen said they are so adorable that there is no way you could not love them no matter what!


Kristi said...

You crack me up. Puppies are worse than toddlers. Since you haven't gotten your shirts yet, maybe you should go digging through the horse manuer and see if they are hiding there. Just kidding. Seriously, the package box is a good idea. Now all you have to do is train your mail man, UPS and Fedex Guy. LOL

Still laughing

Jen said...

OMG..Annette, Those puppies keep you busy...LOL I wonder what they will be like as teens:))
Good idea with the delivery box..LOL
Thx for the laughs:)