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I'm dragging my keister!

Thursday, April 10, 2008
It's a perfect day for keister dragging! It's raining, raining, raining! It might even snow a little bit tonight and tomorrow! Anyway, I had the annual "smash and grab" (meaning my mammogram) on Monday. I've had one twice since I've had my central line put in. Both times the tech tried really hard to work around the line. But, this time the tech decided she needed to get the whole thing in. Holy Crap! It hurt so bad! I was worried that she might block off the Flolan or pull the tubing. She didn't but it really hurt. Anyway, the next day I got a call from "The Smasher Queen." She said that the radiologist saw something suspicious and that I needed to come back in and re-do the procedure. Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully, it was the other side that had something suspicious! So, I went in yesterday afternoon and everything is just fine! Yahoo! I have to go back in 6 months instead of 12 months. But, the radiologist was adamant that these spots did not look at all "scary!"

The pups were really enjoying the beautiful weather that we had yesterday. By early evening they were exhausted! In the first picture you'll see that Haver is sound asleep while Asa is sitting on part of his head. In the second picture you'll see that Asa is about ready to fall asleep himself, sitting up! Seconds after I took the picture, he dropped the chew out of his mouth, dropped to the floor and fell asleep! Unfortunately, they seem to enjoy this kind of rainy weather too! They've been outside several times, playing in the mud and the horse pasture. Too bad there isn't a smell option on this blog so that you could all enjoy the special perfume-like wet dog and horse crap odor!

Thanks for reading!


4 comments to I'm dragging my keister!:

Wendy's Mom said...


Thank you so much for this. I just love those babies so much. I have to say they not only bring sunshine to your life but they do mine as well. They are the cutiest things. They remind me so much of Wendy when she was that age.

BTW, thanks for the update and so glad that the Mammogram was okay, and that when you go back in 6months I would make sure they do not hurt you or your line this time.
I had something suspicious one time and had to go have Mammogram in 6 months and when I went back they did not see anything. Hopefully this will happen for you.


Kathy said...

Good news...that is enough to scare the hell out of you! Like you need any more health problems...looks like the pups had fun...ah, if we could be like them, even if for a day :)

Di said...

So glad your second "squish" was a better reading. Sorry you had the scare at all.
Those pups are so much fun to watch. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
hugs, di

Colleen said...

Annette, I can't stop laughing at the sentence you wrote about the smells of your puppies!! LOL!!

I'm glad your mammie came back ok!! I haven't had one of those yet, I've still got a few years to go before I should get one. I'm not looking forward to it, though! My mom told me one time the tech told her they can mammogram a pea, so I guess I'll be safe! LOL!
Colleen :)