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It's already Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
I'm afraid I kind of jinxed things by writing in my last post how great the dogs were being and good I was feeling. Actually, I am feeling pretty darn good. I just had a case of overdoing it. I had that dinner thing with my sister on Friday, and then we went out to eat with friends on Saturday. Then Sunday we had breakfast with Nick and then this incredibly cool "Splat" experience at church!
You've got to go to the following address of Youtube. It is one of the most moving experiences I have ever had.


Rod and I were suppose to go to this fabulous Christian rock concert that night called, "Casting Crowns." But, I knew when I woke up Sunday morning that I had already pushed myself too far. So, we gave our tickets away. I heard it was a wonderful concert. But, I did "get" to go to Walmart with Rod to get groceries. He convinced me to go along and use one of the little scooter thingies. So, we got through the entire store and I only ran over his feet once, and into his rear end once. But, he ran into me numerous times! He's such a big kid!

Anyway, I'm doing much better. But, the dogs is a different story.
This is a picture of what we discovered when we got home from church on Sunday.

And, while I was out running around today, evidently we had a "Fruit of the Month Club" delivery:

And this is how they look when we get upset? Could you get mad at these faces?

Thanks for reading.

7 comments to It's already Tuesday!:

paula54 said...

O MY,MY,MY!! If I could hug them thru a picture I would. TOO CUTE, but naughty!!!! Wonder who their owner is!

Wendy's Mom said...
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Wendy's Mom said...

They are so cute. Yes they have that look that says, "WHAT DID I DO THAT MADE YOU YELL AT ME? I did not know I was doing something wrong, it just jumped out and said GET ME! SO I DID!" LOL!!!

Sorry MOM but Labs LOVE fruit especially FRUIT OF THE MONTH fruit. Hey it was on the porch so it belongs to them. Kind of like your new clothes!. LOL!!

Give them a few years they will calm down SOME!


Jen said...

Wow...Looks like the boys like pineapple, or not?? LOL They did leave some...
Sounds like you did overdo it last week...You can't get mad at those cute faces...
Hope you get a few days of rest...

Colleen said...

Your bad fruit-and-wire eating puppies are so adorable!! I don't think I could be too mad at them for long!! I'm glad you got to go to Walmart and run Rod over with a scooter! LOL Sorry you didn't get to go to the concert, I keep hearing about Casting Crowns, and that they are great! I hope you get to see them another time!
Colleen :)

barbara said...

Boy your dogies are like ours, but there was a black racer out on our deck and they got it and I love those dogs now, I hate those snakes, that is the fist snake I have seen since we lived here, they terrify me. I am feeling better now, and I am so glad you are having some wonderful good days, makes you so happy to have those good days so you could run around don't overdo it like I did.

The Admiral said...

Some don't grow out of this.

I came home the other night and found that the bitch dog (she is also a female) had (a) knocked down the baby gate, (b) knocked open our bedroom door, (c) made an appropriate deposit in my husband's bathroom , and (d) chewed my $1300 dental appliance.

Which is not insured.

Oh, and they're nine years old.

And I know who did it because her brother can't jump up on our tall bed.