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Sorry, I've been MIA....

Monday, May 5, 2008
But, I've just been busy and having fun! Chris, my youngest, flew home Saturday morning to shoot the wedding of a friend's sister Saturday night. After church on Sunday we had brunch with Chris, Nick and Nick's friend, Kara. Then, we had to take Chris back to the airport. It was a very, very short, but sweet visit.

Friday night Rod and I went to the movie "88 Minutes." Fabulous, fabulous show! 4 puppy paws up!!

Saturday we picked Chris up from the airport, brought him home and visited with him for a couple of hours before he headed off to the wedding. Rod and I went to a 40th anniversary party. We spent the evening watching TIVO's shows and being bums.

Sunday was church, brunch, aiport and then an afternoon of reading, crocheting and playing with the pups.

So, as you can see, nothing very exciting has been going on. But, I've just been having a bit too much fun to take the time to blog and send out emails. Sorry.

Thanks for reading.

2 comments to Sorry, I've been MIA....:

Di said...

Sounds like a perfect excuse not to blog! I am so glad it has been a great couple of day. Always fun to have the whole family together, even if the visit was short.
HUGS, di

Anonymous said...

Great that you had such family time...Sounds busy as usual..
Hugs to ya,