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If you know me, when you read this, you'll think the world is ending!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I have cooked, ACTUALLY COOKED dinner two nights in a row! And, if that wasn't a big enough shocker, Rod actually said, "THANK YOU FOR COOKING! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!" I'm not really sure what's going on. The steroid level seems to be a good one. I'm pretty sure that the steroids have also done something to my brain. Never before, in almost 30 years of being married, has my beloved husband thanked me for cooking! If you know me very well, then you also know the story about the ham loaf that I made a few years ago. It was so bad that our dog at the time, Cody, wouldn't even eat it. Now, you need to realize that this is the same dog that ate a dead rabbit. So, it might actually be a sign that the end of the world is near. You might want to put together some rations!

I would also like to tell you a little bit about my fabulous trip to Kansas City on Monday. There were 14 of us that drove down to this very nice little shopping center with this very nice store called Nell Hill's. It is a home decorating type of place. I'm really having trouble describing it because it has "stuff" for decorating, lamps, vases, etc. But, it also has dishes, furniture and even some fabulous pajamas! One of the ladies from our P.E.O. group has a son who works at Nell Hill's as a designer. He set up everything so that we were sure to meet the owner/creator/founder, Mary Carol Garrity. We not only got to meet her but we each got a chance to have her autograph one of her books for us. This fabulous son ALSO made arrangements for the whole bunch of us to have lunch in a great restaurant that was right next door. In fact, we even got our own room!
It was such a great time! I got to spend some real quality time with some real quality women. AND I got to do a little shopping (ka-ching!) at Nell Hill's, getting some very cool things like plate holders, a watering can and a tiered small flowerpot holder. A couple of my friends suggested some party decorting ideas for it when I wasn't using it to hold flowers!
THEN, after lunch, I discovered a fabulous yarn shop, just across the parking lot!! (ka-ching, ka-ching!)I bought some great yarn for prayer shawls, scarves for Together, Inc. and even some glittery red yarn to make myself a scarf for the Nebraska games this fall! I even bought some needles so I could start on the scarf on the way home!

I have one book review and one movie review. Yesterday I finished "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper.

This is the story of a Baptist minister who was killed in a car accident. He was pronounced dead by 4 different EMT's and layed stuck in his mangled car for 90 minutes before another minister, passing the accident, went up to Pastor Piper and prayed for him. His prayers brought Pastor Piper back from Heaven. The story tells what he saw during those 90 minutes and the life of pain and beauty that was a result of his visit to Heaven and his return to Earth. I am a believer, so, for me, this was an absolutely amazing and reaffirming story. I give it 4 puppy paws up.

Today, I decided to take myself to a chick flick. I saw, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

The popcorn and Diet Coke were both very good. I give it 4 puppy paws down.

5 comments to If you know me, when you read this, you'll think the world is ending!:

Wendy's Mom said...

Thank you for the cooking story. I laughed so hard that even John wanted to know what I was laughing at so I read it to him. Now Hun that is pretty bad if the dog turned his nose up at your ham loaf. LOL!!
So what did you cook these past few nights? Are you cooking tonight? If so what time will it be ready, John and I will be there to eat.

Thanks for telling me about that book. I am pretty positive that is the same guy that my friend that is the minister said he got to meet that guy. I think that would be awesome. I hope to be able to find his book and read it. It has to be an incredible book.

Thanks again for all the laughs you give me by writing this blog. I love you lots.


Di said...

I chuckled as I read your blog. You are so talented and just have a way with words!!! I love every post that you write.
I think having you along on our KC adventure made the trip just perfect. I can't begin to tell you how happy that made me.
Keep on cookin'.....sounds like you have a good thing going!
hugs, di

paula54 said...

Cooking? What's that? I love that book too. After I read it I bought one for each of my family. It's a must read? Maybe you could re-teach me to knit. I want a BIG RED scarf! I used to knit back in high school and crochet so I think I could pick it up again. Want to meet for lunch for Karen M.s birthday soon?

Jen said...

Lmao....Annette..What have you been cooking?? hope not that ham loaf..LOL
I have heard of that book and lots of people have told me it is Awesome...Sad ,that you didn't like the chic flic..I was just thinking of trying to go with my dgtr or sis..Glad you warned me..
Sounds like you had a great day on Monday:))
Thx for sharing..

Donna said...

Just a note to say "go girl" with your cooking success! How fun to treat your dear husband.

I also loved the book "90 Minutes" and have recommended it to many friends. I had also seen the author interviewed--very touching!

Love, Donna