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What a fabulous weekend in Nebraska!

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Wow!! It's weekend's like this that make me hang in here during those long winter days! Yesterday it was in the high 60's and nice and sunny! Today it was in the 70's and sunny! It was really windy, but who cares!! The best part about the weekend was that the puppies were outside all of the time! They are so tired! I LOVE IT!!

I'm very excited for tomorrow! A group of ladies from my P.E.O. group are taking a ROAD TRIP! We're driving down to Kansas City to go to this store called, Nell Hill's.

One of the gal's that are going has a son that works there and he has set us up for a visit with the owner/creator/founder, Mary Carol Garrity! They've also arranged a fabulous lunch for the whole bunch of us!

This is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Omaha. I'm excited, but my phriends who are reading this know that a PH person can't just get in the car and go. Tomorrow I'll have my pouch on with my Flolan and ice packs and my O2 concentrator. But, I'll also have my "back-up bag." In the bag I have to have a "back-up" pump and a "back-up" cassette of Flolan. I'll have the Flolan in the cooler part of the bag with ice packs. You see, Flolan has what they call a short half-life. If I have a problem with my pump and/or my cassette of Flolan and the medicine stops running, I only have 5-7 minutes to switch things out and get the medicine flowing again or I could have a rebound problem and go into heart failure. (I'm thinking if any of my P.E.O. sisters that are going along with me are reading this right now they might be rethinking their decision to ride in my car!) So, I have to always have the back-up close by. Also, Flolan works best when it's cold. So, Not only do I have ice packs in the pouch around my waist and ice packs in the cooler with the back-up cassette of Flolan, I'll also need to take an additional cooler filled with ice packs so I can switch them out as they thaw.
I'll also have to take extra batteries for my oxygen and a car charger so I can charge the batteries for the ride down and the ride back because I don't enough batteries to get me through an entire day.

So, I think I'll finish this up, go mix my medicine and get to bed. I'm getting picked up around 6:45 a.m. and I've got lots to get together!!

Thanks so very much for reading!

7 comments to What a fabulous weekend in Nebraska!:

barbara said...

Hi annette,
sounds like you have a fun day planned.
Have a good time do not over do it

Jen said...

Glad you had a great weekend:)
Enjoy your Girls day, sounds like fun.. I will check out that website..Have fun...

paula54 said...

Hi Annette. Sounds like a great day! i was in your neighborhood today. (Monday) Had to go see my new great-nephew again.One of these days we'll connect.

Di said...

So glad you went on the trip with us to Nell Hill. I know it was not an easy task, but I hope it was worth it for you. I sure had a ball!!! What a fun group of friends and a GREAT store. Super combination. Hugs, di

Colleen said...

How was your trip???? I am hoping you had lots of fun!! HUGS!

Kathy said...

It is such a hassle to travel..but what else are we going to do...sit around and let life pass us by? Good for you...sounds like a very fun and special day!

Donna said...

I think I've finally got my email changed so I can write you again! I'm so very happy that you were with us Monday on our KC trip. It was fun to have a chance to visit with our sisters. I hope we didn't wear you out.
Love, Donna