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A little of this and a little of that...

Friday, April 18, 2008
*First, I have some good news and some bad news.
~The good news is, we found the Invisible Fence thing!
~The bad news is that this guy who was here to work on the fish tank found it when he chased the puppies to retrieve a bag filled with clothes that I bought online and were left on the front porch by the mailman. And, yes, I now have new clothes with a couple of chewed holes in the pocket.

*Second item for discussion. I've "played" with my steroids some more. The doctor had me decrease from 4 mg's in the morning to 3 mg's and then take one more mg in the early evening. I think it's helping. I actually accomplished a couple of things yesterday, including going to school and working with a couple of first graders. We'll see how this new dose schedule and amount works. Now, mind you I've already taken a nap today! I fell asleep during "The Price is Right." But, I had gotten up early AND it's been raining for two days which makes it perfect for napping! (I'm really good at making excuses!)

*Third item for discussion. My sister and I had lunch earlier this week and then we went to this beautiful chapel just outside of Omaha called, "The Holy Family Shrine." Here is the website:
And, here is a picture I took of inside the chapel!

*Fourth item for discussion. The puppies found an old baseball helmet...
Here is lovely Haver, happily carrying around his latest trophy!

And here is Asa with the helmet on his rear end! I tried it on Haver's rear, but it wouldn't fit!!

Ok, I think that's it for now!
Thanks for reading!

7 comments to A little of this and a little of that...:

The Admiral said...

BTW, they don't get better the older they get. I have a pair of nine-year-old beagles who do things like steal my husband's wallet and bury it out back, then bring it back in as a symbol of victory or somesuch.

One of them ate an entire jar of blue cheese dressing the other night. Immediately after dinner. No dessert, no nothin'.

Anonymous said...

Yes ,rain makes perfect napping weather...I am glad you got out and was able to be with the kids at school.
Man, sounds like you are starting all over with these puppies...LOL They are so cute...
Btw I did add a little to my Blog..LOL

Di said...

I think it sounds like you have been a busy girl. I have had a hard time doing much of anything in this dreary rain. Hoping the steroids are at a good level.
The puppies are cute as ever (that's because they are chewing your new clothes and not mine!).
Hugs, di

barbara said...

Hi annette would you like 2 more like the ones you have, I will shop them overnight. sounds like you had a day there.
are you still working.

have a good day

barbara said...

well sorry annette I meant to ask if you would like me to ship you 2 more like the ones you have overnight per ups. when my son's cat died he took it to the vet and they embalmed it and sent it overnight to us to bury.
now when we move we will be moving her again. My children and animals.

paula54 said...

Now that's a rear tackle!

Annette said...

Ellen, you're not making me feel any hope in getting these goofy dogs under control by the time I turn 60!!

Jen, thanks for updating your blog! I'll be sure to go read and write right away! Thanks, sweetie!

Di, thanks for reading! I can't wait for our trip tomorrow!

Barbara, thank you, but, no, no, no,no and no!
Embalm, bury, move, bury... maybe that's what I'll ask Rod to do to me!! :)

Paula, you actually made me laugh out loud! You rock my phriend!