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Monday, April 14, 2008
So, I came back from Weight Watchers yesterday morning (only down about 1/2 pound, what's up with that?!?!) and am driving down the driveway. Running across the yard are my little buddies. I'm thinking about how cute they are and how nice it is to come home and have a couple of cuties so excited to see me, when, I notice that Haver has something hanging out of his mouth....

When I got out of the car, they run up to me, all thrilled with themselves, Haver more so than Asa. I look closely and see that Haver has his Invisible Fence collar in his mouth...actually only PART of his Invisible Fence collar in his mouth. It's the part WITHOUT the actual Invisible Fence device! I walk around a bit with both of them
asking Haver to show me where the rest of his collar is hiding. You can imagine how successful that was. So, I go inside and call the Invisible Fence people. I tell the girl what happened. I informed her that we live on an acreage and that I looked around for the device but really didn't have any luck. I asked her if she had any suggestions for me. She told me that they have this hand-held device that will help locate these devices. You just walk around with it and when you get close to the device, the machine sets of a signal. She told me that I would have to give them a credit card number before I took the machine and that they would not charge me unless I didn't return it. (At this point I'm thinking to myself, "Why would anyone want to keep one of those things?")
So, I drive over to the Invisible Fence place, go on in and tell them what I'm there for. There are two girls there now, one that I spoke with on the phone and the other one was one that I've visited with before about various things with the pups and the fence. So, I give them my credit card and one of the girls grabs this machine thing....with an electrical cord attached to it! I asked, "Is this thing electric?" She said, "Yes." I said, "I told the girl on the phone that this collar was lost outside." She said, "Oh that's ok. You can use an extension cord." I said, "We live on an acreage! We have 20 acres! She said....are you ready?...she said...."Well, I guess you'll have to get a really long extension cord." CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!
I ended up leaving with a new collar and a receipt for $310.00!!! Of course, if I find the other collar, I can return the new one within 14 days. And, if I find the other collar and it's chewed up or ruined, it will be covered under warranty. At this point, I'm thinking I'm going to have to look for pieces in piles, if you get my drift!

"Hello. My name is Haver and I am a holy terror."

"Hello. My name is Asa. I look really sweet but looks are deceiving."

4 comments to CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! PUPPIES!!:

Wendy's Mom said...


I love those dogs so much. Please bring them to Houston with you!! LOL!!

OMG, Haver is a mess!! He is so innocent looking though! Are you sure you are not making some of this up?
Unfortunately WENDY was just about as bad as he is. So I know you are not making it up!! Give it about 3yrs he will settle down SOME!

Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it!! Of course when it is someone else's dog doing this it is funny! I have been there I know! I loved the pictures!


paula54 said...

What cutie pies!!!! I called you today but no one was home. I was over at Carie and Chad's holding my new great-nephew, Tennyson Jack. He was one week old today. What a precious bundle he is. When ever i need to smile I come to your blog to see Asa and Haver!!!

Jen said...

Thx for the laugh..Annette..
I am sure it was not funny for you at the time..
Those puppies are adorable:))
Thx for sharing..
Way to go at Weight Watchers:))

barbara said...

Oh so sorry annette, my daughter has two dogs and they eat everything in site, so I can relate to you, they even eat wood. they are lab's Haver looks so innocent, just like our BB.
Good luck in your search, so you can get your money back.