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Lazy Day...

Saturday, March 29, 2008
I have just been a complete bum today! I took a long nap, watched a bunch of TV, finished another prayer shawl and ate lots of Girl Scout Cookies. (I'm definitely going to a W.W. meeting next week!) Part of my laziness has been due to some chest wall pain. It's nothing big or bad, it's just annoying. And, from what I can tell, it's not an unusual PH thing. It's kind of like pleurisy, without the fluid. (At least that's the best explanation I've received from a phriend who experienced the same thing and that's what her PH doc told her.) Anyway, several extra Darvon later and the pain is gone (and so is pretty much my ability to see clearly!)

I'm pretty sure the puppies are breaking in some new teeth, probably molars. They have been chewing like crazy! I've at least been able to keep them focusing on destroying their toys and not household and personal items!

I do have to watch them, though. Haver likes to throw things to himself. He'll throw a ball or a toy or even a bone up in the air and then go chase it! It's very, very cute. But, yesterday he found an old rusty hammer! It has a nice rubber handle which made for a great grip for his jaws! But, every time he threw it up I was afraid he would either konk himself or Asa in the head. It was really quite a site! I debated on finding my camera, or taking it away and decided I should be the responsible pet owner and take it away....bummer! I hate it when I act like a grown-up!

Well, I've off to mix my medicine and go to bed. I've got to sleep off this Darvon.
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3 comments to Lazy Day...:

Wendy's Mom said...


Take wash cloths that you do not mind throwing away wet them really good and freeze them. Then give one to each puppy. What it does is works as a teething ring and will freeze those little gums. Since they are hard at first the puppies will love them. Of course you need more than one set. Big a good Mommy and take them away before they chew up the cloth and swollow it. Also you can wet them again and refreeze them if they are not chewed up. LOL!!

Haver reminds me so much of Wendy when she was a puppy. Of course she still thinks she is a puppy and I am not about to tell her she isn't either! LOL!!

Love ya,

Kathy said...

I am thinking about changing my mixing time from the morning to the evening...not sure. See, I have a lot of anxiety still about mixing...do you? Although I have been on flolan for 11 years...I still worry if I did it right, or is there something wrong with it...so after I mix, I like to stay close to home until I know it is okay...crazy, I know...so, I uised to mix in the evenings and it was better for me because I could go about my day and not sit around waiting for the new meds to get through the tube in order to leave the house...weird logic, I know, but it is one of those things with me...do you mix and then go straight to bed? Even then, I would have to wait to make sure all was okay before I fell asleep...do you have any anxiety with mixing at all? How can I get over it???

Annette said...

Hello Kathy! I love mixing at night. It has become part of my bedtime ritual. I have terrible insomnia, so, I need to have a pretty rigid bedtime schedule. But, because I have bad insomnia (and none of the regular tricks,etc., suggested by my sleep specialist work) I take medicine to go to sleep. So usually, I mix between 9:30-10:00 p.m. Then take all of my night meds, watch the news at 10 and then go to bed. I'm so preoccupied with the news and getting to bed on time, I've never worried about mixing things correctly. But, my husband is my mixing partner and if I'm real tired he either watches me mix, or does it for me. I hope this answer has helped. :)