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Just checking in....

Friday, March 14, 2008
I drove to Ashland yesterday to have lunch with my sister. She just returned from a visit to Taiwan where her oldest daughter is teaching English for a year before she starts graduate school this fall. It was great getting to see her again, especially since she brought presents!!

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my PH specialist. I am part of an extended study for one of my PH drugs, so I go in every 3 months for a checkup, paperwork and a 6 minute walk. The 6 minute walk is a pretty standard and easy way to assess how a PH person is doing. You just simply walk up and down the hall for 6 minutes (if you can make it that long) while you are hooked up to a machine that checks your pulse and oxygen levels. The tech keeps track of how many feet the PH person is able to walk and records the pulse and oxygen levels. I did very well, walking about 1,375 feet and I didn't desat at all. "Desat" is where your oxygen levels go below 90%. I've been on oxygen 24/7 for about 2 years. Wednesday was the first time in a long time that I didn't get down into the low 90's while walking and using my oxygen! So, it was a very good appointment. Afterwards, Rod and I had lunch together in the hospital. We also had a pleasant surprise when Nick showed up to say hello!

So, that's about it for the excitement from my "neck of the woods!"
Thanks for reading!

1 comments to Just checking in....:

Di said...

I am so pleased your appointment went so well. Thanks for sharing all of those terms with us. That is how I learn and understand more about PH. This was all new to me before I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Annette. Keep up your good work!
Sorry the weather is suppose to change again, but it was sure a nice break! Hugs, di