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I'm feeling better! Yahoo!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008
We had an absolutely beautiful day here yesterday! The temps were in the mid 60's, the sun was shining and there was very little wind. I ran some errands with Rod, sat in the sunroom and finished a book. I also did an errand on my own, taking the plastics, cans and newspapers to the recycling place! I was so proud of myself that I stopped and bought myself a little congratulatory Starbuck's caramel frappacino light! (only 3 Weight Watcher's points...of course since I haven't walked into the Weight Watchers building in over 3 weeks and, according to the scale, I'm definitely not counting points, it probably doesn't matter and so I might have well had the whipped cream!) Then, last night Rod and I went to see the movie "Vantage Point." I would HIGHLY recommend that movie! I would give it 8 out of 8 puppy paws up!!

Speaking of "puppy paws...."
On Friday, I noticed that Asa and Haver kept stopping at this one particular magazine basket we have by the couch. I don't have a very good view of it when I'm perched at my own favorite couch potato spot, but I wasn't very worried about what they were up to. It's not that great of a basket and they wouldn't stay too long there. But, I decided to check it out when I got up to get something to drink. I noticed there was something brown on the top of one of the magazines. When I pulled out that magazine, I noticed more brown stuff around the inside of the basket and a bunch of it smashed in several of the magazines. At first I thought it was just some fuzz from one of their new toys. Then, I made the mistake of looking closer. Then, I made the mistake of smelling it. "Someone" managed to smuggle in a ball of horse poop and evidently stashed it away for later. Later came, later went and so did the magazines!

Thanks for reading.

Haver...notice all of the "mud" on his belly and feet.

Asa is relaxing on my "lap."

5 comments to I'm feeling better! Yahoo!!:

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!! I'm happy you did your errand, and yes go for the whipped cream next time!! hehe And those puppies! You're gonna have to start doing body checks on them before they come in the house!! LOL! I love the pics, though! You look fabulous!
Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

OMG!! I love the picture with Asa laying on you. Now if that is not true love what is. LOL!!

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I was so worried that it might be worse than you thought it was.

That was WONDERFUL news that you guys finally had some nice weather. Just remember it is right around the corner to when it stays that way for a while anyway! LOL!

Love ya,

Kathy said...

Sounds as if you are feeling better...I know about dogs sneaking yucky things into the house...my golden brought in a dead rat and a dead frog...now, we really check her mouth before we let her in the house!

Di said...

I am so glad to hear you are finally feeling better. You looked so pretty sitting on your couch with Asa. What a pic!
Thanks for the movie review. Now we have a new one to go and see.
hugs, di

paula54 said...

Oh those precious, naughty little boys! Glad you're feeling better.