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Had a Fabulous Weekend!!

Monday, March 10, 2008
Rod and I flew to Chicago on Friday and spent the weekend with Chris! It was wonderful! He picked us up at the airport and we went to our favorite Italian "fast-food" place for dinner called "Pompei." If you are ever in Chicago, I'd suggest you check it out!

After dinner we went home to meet the newest member of the Markin family, Deeoji! (D-O-G...get it?) Anyway, of course I forgot my camera so I can't show you how adorable he is! He is a little 8 week American Bulldog. After the first five minutes, we really felt that Chris should have named him "Shark." That dog is crazy! He is a ball of energy with razor sharp baby teeth! He'd latch on to your pants leg and not let go! One time I was standing in Chris' kitchen, mixing my Flolan and wearing my comfortable pj's. That decision of clothing was my mistake! He spotted those loose and comfy looking legs and latched on! I'm literally yelling and shaking my leg in the air trying to get him off! Being on coumadin, I was not really in the mood to do a "blood-letting" experiment. He'd already chomped Rod's face, through his beard no less, and had drawn some nice blood!!

Anyway, after lots of laughing and chasing, Deeoji finally went to sleep while Rod, Chris and I watched a movie. (Actually, I watched the first 15 minutes...I slept through the rest.....:))

Saturday morning, my wonderful son cooked us a delicious breakfast of omelettes, bacon and toast! (Are you single 20-something girls reading this closely???) Then, you're not going to believe this...WE WENT BOWLING!! Yes, Rod, Chris and I went bowling! I even bowled, THREE GAMES! Of course, I really, really sucked and I won't even try to make up a score. We'll just say that Chris got really good at making zeros! I basically threw the ball with a side-armed granny style that netted me lots of gutter balls. But, I did it and I had fun! I'd like to say that Rod and Chris didn't do very well either, but that would only be partly true. Chris really knows how to throw a mean bowling ball! (Sorry, Rod:( )

Saturday night we treated 6 of Chris' close friends to dinner at a great steak place called, Gibsons.
I would also recommend that place for a really, really delicious steak! Anyway, Chris has lived in Chicago for almost 4 years now. He has made some great friends but, we didn't know them like we knew his friends when he lived in Omaha. It was great to put faces with names. He has made some very wonderful (and hungry!!:) friends!

Sunday morning came an hour faster than we realized. So we skipped breakfast, had a donut and a diet pop in the car on the way to the movies where we caught the noon showing of "Semi-Pro" and had some popcorn for lunch. It was a very, very stupid movie that had some great laugh lines, lots of embarrassing comments (I was glad that Rod was sitting by Chris instead of me!)and really not worth the price of admission. But, it did have that pretty "Abby" nurse/doctor from the tv show "ER."

From the movies we raced back to Chris' place grabbed our bags, let Deeoji bite us a few more times and then headed to the airport. It was such a fabulous weekend!

To make the weekend perfect, Nick came by after we got home and settled and he ate take-out Chinese Sunday dinner with us. God has certainly blessed us with two wonderful young men! (And, thankfully two puppies who do NOT resemble a shark!!)

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to Had a Fabulous Weekend!!:

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you had a fabulous weekend, Annette!! Cute shark-puppy sounds kinda scary, hopefully he'll grow out of that!LOL
Colleen :)

Lori shaal said...

Sounds like a great time in Chicago. Great to hear you having fun at bowling. It's been a long winter, now it's time for Spring and get out and about. Luv ya! Lori

Kathy said...

I love Chicago...I used to go there often when I was seeing Dr. Rich...not socially of course :) I would love to live there but my husband hates the cold...it is a great place and I am glad you had a great time :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend:))
Chicago is a lovely place to Visit!
Your boys sound like winners..Keep looking for single young women..I am sure they have no problems in that dept..LOL
Now that Grandpuppy...he needs some training..
Take care