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In the "PHriendly World"

Thursday, March 6, 2008
It seems like there is so much going on with some of my phriends...
I have a phriend from Texas named Sheila. I would appreciate some prayers for her while she is hospitalized and looking for some answers.

I have another phriend from Grand Island, Nebraska named Kristi. She has been having a really rough time since November and has had to be hospitalized several times. She just found out yesterday that she has an appointment in two weeks with the transplant team in St. Louis! This is a very encouraging step for her and she will most likely need both a heart and lung transplant. I would also appreciate some prayers for h er as she prepares for this trip and the information she will be getting from the transplant team.

I also have another phriend from Omaha named Cindy. Now, this phriend called last night with some fabulous news!! She had an echo done this week and her lung pressures have been greatly reduced! It may be from the addition of a new medication to her regimine, the addition of a suppliment or even her being able to do a little bit of walking every day. Whatever the reason, the results are great! So, I would appreciate that we remember to praise God for his help with making Cindy's pressures to decrease.

That's about it for this little update. I'm seriously grumpy today and I have no idea why. But, I'm going out to lunch with a friend, so maybe I'll feel better!

Thanks for reading.

1 comments to In the "PHriendly World":

Di said...

We have many things to pray for and also much to rejoice about. I will have your PHriends in my prayers, and of course, YOU as well.

I hope the lunch out brightened your mood. The weather today has helped mine. NO wind has been wonderful.
Hugs, di