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Just a quick hello!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
I really need to mix my Flolan and get to bed. But, I didn't want to worry anyone and I didn't want to not fulfill my promise to Jacque's memory by not writing today. So, hello! I'm fine. The day has just gotten away from me! Take care and have a good night!
Thanks for reading!

3 comments to Just a quick hello!:

Sue "T" said...

You are an amazing friend to Jacque by writing something everyday. I assume that is what you meant by "fulfilling your promise to Jacque's memory".
You are always doing something to make someone else feel special or to honor someone who passed on.
That is going to be my New Years promises to myself, to make time to do the nicest things for people that are so special to me, but to those I will meet too.
And, to not waste a moment wallowing in self pity and plan my day out and try to be productive and thank the Lord that I am here and have a chance to do these things.
To stop worrying about the bills I can't pay and not be so afraid of all the threats of nonpayment. : (
And, Annette, you have no idea how unboring your posts are as I told you yesterday. I have gotten so much inspiration from you, you accomplish so much in a day and I am ashamed at how much time I waste being so tired and needing to sleep. I need to "get with it" to the best I can, but still not overdoing. Listen to my body, and when my body says, "Sue, you are able to produce today", then I need to go to it and get things done.
Keep posting and know you help alot of people honey.
Much love and many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)

Di said...

Thanks from the bottom on my heart for your help yesterday. I was worried about you (and still am) but was glad to read this post. Hope you are doing ok. Let me know if I can help YOU.
hugs, di

Annette Markin said...

Sue, would you shoot me an email? I want to ask you something and I can't find your email address! ARG!! :(
And, Di? I'm fine! I'm good! And, I love you! Now, stop worrying! I'm off to have lunch with my sister! I love you both. Thanks!