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I'm too old to be a new mother!

Sunday, December 9, 2007
It is 9:15, the puppies are sleeping, actually, Rod is almost asleep on the couch also, and I'm going to go mix my Flolan so I can go to sleep! I'll write more tomorrow and even add a picture or two. I'm not really complaining. They really are so very, very cute and so very, very good! The only problem I'm having is that they're not really good at steps yet and there are two to go outside to "do their business" and then the same two to come back in. So, I'm having to lift them a bit. Did I tell you that they weigh over 30 pounds? But, they are getting better. We are so very happy to have these guys!
Thanks for reading.

1 comments to I'm too old to be a new mother!:

Sue "T" said...

Oh honey, I still can't tell you enough how adorable your new children are. I'm sure things are a little different right now, for them and you and Rod too, but I can tell it in your words how much you love those little guys already.
PLEASE be careful when you lift them, just give them a little "boost", will that work? They will catch on before you know it. They probably didn't have steps to go out?
Well, I am sure you are going to get just as much love from them as you will give. I just showed Bob the dogs and he said, "Congratulations Mom and Dad".
Have fun with them sweetie, they are double the joy.
Much love and many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)