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Another Winter Wonderland!

Thursday, December 6, 2007
It was such a great day to "hunker down" at home, put out some Christmas decorations and read! Omaha received about 4 1/2 to 5 inches of snow today! It was beautiful! Life has been very surreal today. I was just getting use (sort of) to not having Charlie around and then the mall killings happened yesterday. I forced myself to shut the TV off a couple of times and turn on some Christmas music. I either let my mind focus (which can sometimes be a tall order for people with PH, am I right phriends? :0 )on decorating or reading my new book by Alex Kava. Granted, she writes a pretty creepy murder mystery, but I know it's fiction. Reading has always been a solace for me when life gets a little too intense....well, reading and eating ice cream!!!! :)

I did get to have a very, very delicious dinner tonight! A friend that I used to teach with made Rod and I a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots! It was amazingly delicious! I have to admit though, the best part of it was when it was delivered. The doorbell rang, and here on my front porch was my former first grade student and now graduate of the Annapolis Naval Academy! He ran our dinner all the way up the driveway from the street so his Dad wouldn't get stuck in our snowy driveway! Plus, I got a HUG!! It was a wonderful surprise! I had no idea he was in town visiting!

So, decorating, reading, eating a delicious home-made dinner and a hug from a former student. I would call this a GOOD DAY!

Thanks for reading!


1 comments to Another Winter Wonderland!:

Di said...

Good Day for sure!!!! You have fans all over this world that love you so. What a delightful surprise to have a former student bring you a yummy dinner and get a hug too. Well deserved for sure.
love ya, di