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A Horrific Day for Omaha!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
As many of you know, there was a horrible shooting in Omaha this afternoon. Some troubled 19 year old kid stole a shotgun from his step-dad and walked into the Von Maur store at the Westroads Mall and began shooting. He randomly shot 14 people, 9 of those at the time of this posting have died. There have be no reports of who these victims are. It is believed that some of them were employees of Von Maur and the others were customers. After the kid killed all of these people, he turned the gun on himself and died.

We are ok. My sister was up from Lincoln and we had just had lunch and we were on our way to that mall to shop. It was about 1:20. Then she remembered that she had to get back to Lincoln by 3:00 for a meeting so we went to Target instead. The shooting started at 1:45. We would have been there. It is just overwhelming to think about what has happened here. The kid left a couple of suicide notes. In one of the notes, the kid mentioned that he wanted to "go out famous."

I'm fine. My sister is fine. Rod was out of town but is now back. Nick is working at the hospital and Chris is in Chicago. I greatly appreciate the phone calls and emails that I received from friends and phriends outside of the Omhaha area.

Please pray for the victims, the shooter, those who witnessed this horrible event and for all of the friends and families who have been touched by this tragedy.

Hug your families tonight.

much love

5 comments to A Horrific Day for Omaha!:

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh! I turned on the TV at Laura's and couldn't believe what I was seeing! I'm in my hotel now and watching local Omaha news online. I'm in shock! I'm so thankful that your sister remembered her meeting!
Lynne E

Di said...

Thankfully your plan was changed. I am so glad you are safe. Who would have ever thought Von Maur??
It teaches us all to enjoy each and everyday God give us.
Hugs, di

Colleen said...

I didn't hear about this until the nightly news tonight, and I immediately thought of you. Thank goodness you ended up at Target and not that mall!!! My prayers go out to everyone, what a sad and tragic day.
Big HUGS to you,

Kathy said...

Scary. Glad you were not there...but I feel so bad for those that were. I saw it on FOX yesterday...I just do not understand people these days...my daughter saw some of the coverage...I try to keep her away from the news, but she sees it sometimes...she just looks at me and says, "Why mommy?" My thoughts exactly. Hope you are well and have a great day.

Sue "T" said...

That young man that shot those people had to have been so unbelievably troubled and I pray for his family. They must be devastated. How very very sad.
I am just so glad that you and your family are ok.
The prayers need extended definately to the victims and their families and friends, and to the shooter and his family and everyone that observed this, you are so right Annette.
God Bless us all!!