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Crap! It's already 10:00 pm!

Monday, December 10, 2007
I'm going to have to try this again tomorrow! Sorry! I can tell you that Asa has discovered horse poop and he loves to "retrieve it!"


2 comments to Crap! It's already 10:00 pm!:

Colleen said...

Oh joy!! What a lovely thing to read right before going to bed! LOL I hope Asa gets over the "retrieving" really quickly! Or at least finds something better to retrieve!!
Colleen :)

Sue "T" said...

Oh, Asa is very talented, hehehe!!!
That is so funny, now you have to teach him to retrieve less smelly things. I got a huge laugh out of that one, sooorrryyyy, hehe. Everyday you are going to find new things and quirks they have, what a joy to explore together, the boys and mom and dad. I am so glad you got them for the holidays, they are going to be alot of fun and trained the way you want them to when the weather breaks.
Much love and many hugs,
Sue :-)