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I am very, very, very, very tired!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Asa and Haver now have only one thing in their minds when we take them out...running to the horse pasture to retrieve and eat horse poop! Eating the horse poop is bad enough, but the horses making the poop are very, very large and they live in the same area where their poop is located. So, the first time today I had to pick up Haver and carry him back to the house. Asa followed along just like it was the thing to do. The problem is that Haver weighs about 3 billion pounds. By the time I got back to the house, it took about two hours for me to be able to breath somewhat normally again and for my heart to get back to a more regular beating. When Rod took them out when he hot home, they made a bee-line to the "food bar!" This time the horses Doc and Dude took notice of them. They did manage to scare Asa and Haver out of the back pasture but then the dogs just went into the front pasture and dined on the "outdated treats!" So, my brilliant husband in a moment of brilliance ran up to the store and got some training colors and retractable leashes! He tried it once tonight. They weren't very happy,but they did do their business and didn't need a breath mint when it was time to come in! Whish us luck! My lungs are killing me.:=}

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to I am very, very, very, very tired!:

Di said...

I am soooo worried about you running after those puppies and carrying them back to the house! I think Rod's idea is brillant. YOU my dear have to be careful. Sorry for the lecture but I am concerned about you. Hopefully these puppies will be quick learners.
hugs, di

Colleen said...

Oh Annette, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read about those puppies and YOU!! I sure hope Rod's brilliant idea continues to work, but please please promise you will not carry a billion pound dog again just so he won't eat "horse snacks!!" It's not good for you! Ooops, guess I'm lecturing, too, but I just say it because I care!
Colleen :)

Kathy said...

I am not sure of you know this, but puppies love poop b/c it reminds them of their mom...I rea that online b/c I was having the same issue with our dogs when we first brought them home...although, with them it was cat poop out of the litter box! It makes them feel secure...bizarre, eh? Do not lift stuff! It is not worth hurting your heart...be careful :)