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Whining, Complaining and Explaining

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been resting up and recovering from the trip. It was a great trip and Rod and I are really glad that we went. But, it was a tough trip, physically. We were 9 time zones away, I got three different bugs, three different times and when we got home, I got another bug. I have my regular appointment with my PH doctor tomorrow. Rod and I are going to talk to him about the trouble I had, PH-wise. I'm thinking that between the PH, the Addison's disease, the time zones and the bugs I picked up I pretty much have an explanation for how badly I felt on the trip and how long it took me to "recover" when we got home.
So, if you don't mind, I think I'll post more tomorrow after I see the doctor. I should be able to also post a couple of pictures from the trip.

By the way, Asa wanted to make sure that I was not going away again. He made his point as I unpacked and started laundry.

4 comments to Whining, Complaining and Explaining:

Jen said...

Lol Cute pic :)

Oh dear,I am sure that all explains how you are feeling..that is too much for one little Cutie to deal with..I think your PH doc will agree...sorry about the bugs, hope you keep them away..Take care.
Rest all you need my Phriend..


Wendy's Mom said...

ANNETTE you have me worried about you now!

OMG that is a precious picture of Asa and I think he is getting his point across big time. LOL!!


barbara said...

I am sure glad you are back and sorry you were sick, I told my husband from now on when we went to the hospital for lab work I was wearing a mask, I can not deal with these sinus infections, I am really feeling better now and I am so grateful, Had to miss a trip to see my grandchildren because I did not want to take it in on them. Now I am feeling better again and I am just gluton for punishment so I want to go again.
I am dealing really good with the cpap now thanks to sheila and kathy they have been a blessing to me in helping me.
I bet Asa and Haver really did miss there mommy and daddy,
did you bring all of us a castle back to live in, if so it will cheer us up. LOl

paula54 said...

It's so good to see you post. I was getting worried about you! Yes I'd say Asa made a point or maybe he wants to go along next time! Take care and rest up.