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Sweden and Denmark

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
The next stop on "our" tour is Stockholm, Sweden. We decided to do a little panoramic touring and some SHOPPING in Stockholm. So, unfortunately the only pictures I have are of the downtown area. :) (We all have to take the good with the bad...)

Our next stop was Copenhagen, Denmark. This was one of the most beautiful stops on our trip. Copenhagen is the home of Hans Christian Andersen who wrote numerous stories including "The Little Mermaid."

The "real" story of The Little Mermaid is quite a bit different than the Disney version. I don't remember all of the details but I know it involved a secret potion that feels like a knife and feelings of walking on glass with every step. She also "doesn't get the man" in the "real" story. I'm so glad that Disney "lightened" it up!

This is an interesting statue. It is called the Gefion fountain. As the myth goes, the goddess Gefion was promised as much land as she could plow in a single night. She turned her four sons into oxen and ploughed out a chunk of Sweden and tossed it into the sea, creating the Danish island of Zealand, on which Copenhagen resides.

I think Rod looks so cute in this picture! He's standing in front of a homemade armored truck. Have I mentioned how much I love living in America?

Another very cool area if Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens. It opened in 1843. It kind of like a combination of a scaled-down version of Worlds of Fun and the Lauritzen Gardens. In the middle of this beautiful place, there was a stage where small ballet shows were performed. The queen picks on of Hans Christian Andersen's stories than makes up a ballet to tell the story.

OK, one more thing to show you from Copenhagen. Can you tell what it is?

It's a thermometer! Supposedly when it's raining, the little girl statue comes out with an umbrella and when it's sunny, she comes out on a bicycle.

You can see we were blessed with great weather!

Thanks for reading.


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