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Not much going on...

Thursday, September 25, 2008
It's been nice and quiet the last couple of days, except for me screwing up the puppy pecking order again! Haver is getting rather...well...FAT! And, Asa is looking quite thin next to him (although I'm betting that Asa is "normal" it's just that compared to Haver, he looks like he's starving). So, I decided to put Asa's food dish out in the kitchen where he could get to it more easily and wouldn't be "cornered" in the laundry room with Haver. Well, that worked really great for ONE DAY! Then, Haver started bullying Asa again, growling, staring, marching by slowly with his tail up and curved! What did I do? Well, of course, I felt bad for Asa, so I put Haver in the laundry room with his food and shut the door. Asa ate and was very happy. I opened the door when he was finished and Haver hadn't eaten a bite of his food, but he ran right to Asa's bowl and started his growling, staring, etc behavior. So now, for the last two days the two of them having been having little pissy puppy pecking order brawls! They were awake for quit a bit of last night, growling and barking at each other in their room (the laundry room)! And, today it's been more of the same. So, I decided to go back to putting both of their dishes in the laundry room and see if they can work it out. I realized that if Asa was able to jump up on a giant hay bale that he wasn't exactly starving!

It has been very quiet this afternoon. So, either #1. my putting their food back in the laundry room is working, or #2. they are just so stinking tired from fighting all night that they both needed some sleep! (I'm hoping for #1, but am a little worried that it might actually be #2!)

Skinny Asa:

See how scrawny he is? He looks so sad!

Haver is checking out his "lovely athletic body"in the mirror.

How can this sweet face turn into a bully?

I'm sorry...I'll try to be better....

Just don't take away my FOOD!!

Thanks for reading.

2 comments to Not much going on...:

barbara said...

I think that happens a lot when there are two dogs around, at least it does here, one looks a little bit fatter, and I think he has been getting more food.
take care

Donna said...

We haven't heard from you for awhile, so just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers. We had a wonderful breast cancer survivor weekend with the survivor brunch Sat. with over 900 survivors and the Race for the Cure Sunday with over 17,000 there. It was so inspiring to see so many survivors and friends and family together. We're all in this together!
Take care!
Love, Donna