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It was a nice weekend...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Nice wedding...nice visit with Chris....isn't he handsome?

It's his birthday today! My "baby" is 25 years old!
I've been very lazy today....I have a d%#* cold sore which means I'm fighting yet another virus! ARG!! I'm not taking another trip for a very long time. But, I DID drag my lazy butt to the clinic to get my blood drawn...I've got to get my INR checked, I seem to be bleeding and bruising pretty easily. So, to reward myself for getting my butt out of the house and doing the "right" thing by getting my blood drawn, I stopped at Dairy Queen and got myself a MEDIUM Blizzard! I KNOW that will get rid of that nasty cold sore! I'll feel better tomorrow and post some more pictures from the trip and write something much more exciting. But, my "baby" is quite a handsome birthday boy, isn't he?

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to It was a nice weekend...:

Anonymous said...

He sure is a handsome baby;))Happy Bday Chris!!

I bet that Blizzard did help the cold sore..LOl..or at leats tasted great;))

Hey, I may take you up and have to come your way if those storms keep forming..You, Rod and the Pups better scooch over..LOL..I bet they would remind me of a hurricane, just so much cuter:))

Rest up and take care my Phriend..


Colleen said...

Chris IS a handsome guy! Happy Birthday to him!! :)

Blizzards cure everything, I think I heard that somewhere. Good choice on that, hopefully you will be all better tomorrow! hehe
Colleen :)

Kristi said...

Wow, Chris looks a lot like Rod.

I thought maybe I would take your advice and get some ice cream from Dairy Queen, but I will do one better. My mom will be in town tomorrow for a couple of weeks before heading back to Texas. I think I will have lunch with her instead. Hehehe. Maybe ice after lunch. I will save room.

Di said...

Can you believe how quickly our kids grow up? Fun to have him home, even for a quick birthday/wedding visit.
Take care of yourself. I think that cold sore is telling you.......rest, rest, rest!!hugs, di