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Hello, Hello, Hello!

Thursday, September 4, 2008
The doctor's appointment went well. The general consensus is that I really stressed out my body by going as far and as hard as I did. The exam showed no problems and I only did slightly worse on my 6 minute walk than I did last time. So, I just need to keep resting up and things should be back to "normal" in a few days. Yahoo!

OK, it's time to start sharing some trip photos.
I thought you might be interested in what it looks like when I had to switch out my Flolan medicine on the plane.

This is a picture of my handsome and goofy husband getting ready for the emergency drill we had to do on the boat before we could set sail.

This is me, attempting to get off to a good start of eating healthy foods while on the trip. I had a chocolate chip cookie after I finished off this banana....at least I tried!

Here is a picture of my handsome husband during our first dinner of the cruise in the lovely and food-filled dining room.

This is a picture of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevski in Tallinn, Estonia.

This is a view of the town of Tallinn from our cruise ship.

Well, Asa and Haver are driving me completely nuts so, I've got to take them outside for a bit. I hope you enjoy the pics. I'll try to post some more this afternoon.

Thanks for reading.


2 comments to Hello, Hello, Hello!:

Donna said...

We're all so glad you're back home safely and getting some much needed rest. It looks like it was an amazing trip! Now back to taking care of Annette.

Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

Wow..what great pics:))
Of course I had to show Manny...Beautiful...

Now keep resting Cutie:))
Good news from Doc, but you kinda knew what he was going to say ;)