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I can't believe I've been away from this blog for so long!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
For those of you that come to read this blog frequently, I'm so sorry that I've been a "slacker!"I can't believe how fast the days go by! We've been a bit busy since I wrote last Wednesday.

On Thursday I was treated to lunch by a friend from church. She brought some delicious sandwiches from Panera and some absolutely cool horse videos. Jane also has horses and she and her family do incredible shows and competitions! I also cut a much needed haircut in the afternoon.

On Friday I had lunch with my very good friend who I like to call "Aunt Patsy." Pat and I used to teach together. We started a "buddy program" that is now a normal part of the school's activities. Pat taught 5th grade while I taught 1st grade. We would get our kids together once or twice a month practicing academic and social skills. We had lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed the experience.

Also on Friday we had a party at our house. Rod graduated from med school 25 years ago and their reunion was this last weekend. We hosted the "social" on Friday night. No, I didn't cook, but I did decorate the greenhouse with some beautiful flowers. We had about 35 people and had a great time.

On Saturday, "The Periwinkles" met to work on our 3rd Annual Phenomenal Hope for a Cure fundraiser for pulmonary hypertension. It is going to be held on November 1st so we are starting to get into crunch time.

Also on Saturday we went to Fontenelle Forest for the dedication of "Tom's Tree House" in the new "Acorn Acres" section for children. Tom and his wife Gerry were friends of our for years. In fact I taught their oldest son when he was in third grade! Tom passed away last year and having this special area for kids was one of his dreams.

Also on Saturday we had an evening retirement party for a physician from the Med Center.

On Sunday we went to church and then had brunch with Nick. I also ran a couple of errands with Rod.

On Monday night I had my "Monday Night Bible Study." It was also the season premier of "CSI Miami!"

So, now it's Tuesday, late morning and I feel like I've run a marathon. Looking back over the last week I now understand that feeling and I think I might go take a nap!

Thanks for reading.


p.s. You are not going to believe this (or maybe you will). After I finished the last sentence I put my head down and actually fell asleep for 45 minutes! I guess I needed a nap!

2 comments to I can't believe I've been away from this blog for so long!:

Colleen said...

It was so great to actually hear your voice today, my phriend! I should call you more often! :) You really have been busy! No wonder you fell asleep at the computer! LOL!
Love n Hugs,
Colleen :)
PS-Thanks again for the lovely roses!!! They certainly brighten up my room! :)

Jen said...

Hey Cutie;)
Wow..sounds like more than a marathon...You better rest up my Phriend...You are a true "go getter"..A nap sounds much needed...

Take care and stay Cute as ever;))

Hugs & Love,

Beautiful roses you sent Colleen:)) She shared on her blog..Brightens up all of our days:))