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The "Stupid Woman of the Year" award goes to...

Monday, May 19, 2008

yes, ME!

The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful!! We woke up earlier than normal, thanks to the "barker brothers" and decided to go to breakfast before church. After church I was feeling the effects of being an "early riser" and decided to take a quick nap. I felt fabulous afterwards and decided to go run a couple of errands. Well, after errand #1 I was exhausted. So, I had to trash my plan and go back home and lay down again. After another nice rest I felt really, really good! I figured that I was finally caught up on my sleep and I really wanted to get back outside to enjoy the incredible weather. So, this is where the stupid award comes in. I went outside and walked around the property with the dogs, without my O2. I checked my O2 levels several times (using this little finger tester) and they were fine, so I kept going. I only spent about 15 minutes out in the yard, checking out the trees and laughing at the dogs. But, on the way back in I started getting very short of breath and my chest started hurting. Things continued to escalate to the point where I ended up taking two tylenol #3 and 2 Darvon. I fell asleep for hours! I ended up missing my friend's little girl's dance recital! I missed the rest of the nice weather! I woke up just long enough to switch out my Flolan and take some more Darvon. Today I'm really groggy and am having a little bit of chest pain, but nothing much.

You know, I should know better. I know that even when my O2 levels are fine, without my O2, I feel like crap. I can get by without using it for a few minutes and I have even left it off while when I've walked down the driveway to get the mail. But, to keep it off while being physically active is just asking for trouble. Well, I asked for it and I got it. I talked to my doctor about what happened. I also told him how I'm feeling today. He said that I just need to rest as much as possible today and to keep the O2 on. (surprise, surprise, surprise!) He said that I didn't hurt anything, that I just managed to overdo it... big time.

So, that's my excitement.

Feel free to yell all you want.

Thanks for reading.


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10 comments to The "Stupid Woman of the Year" award goes to...:

Anonymous said...

Yea... That o2 helps wonders when we need it!!!!
Girl, Just use it when you are out there walking around....and then you can enjoy the nice weather a little more..I assume Dr..was not home???LOL
Take it easy..with the O2 on..Man some of us never learn....(not Moi)

paula54 said...

ANNETTE JEANETTE MARKIN!! How many times do we have to tell you to use your 02??! (I'm guilty too!) Hope you're feeling better. Enjoying 52???

Annette said...

Jen, YES the doctor was home. He has learned after nearly 30 years of married bliss that I have to learn my lessons the hard way. And, one of the many things I love about him is that he doesn't say things like, "I told you so."

Paula, I'm sorry. So far, 52 hasn't been much fun. But, now I'm going to duct-tape my cannula to my face so I can enjoy it so much more!

Annette said...

Oh, and Paula, it's:
Annette Sue Theresa Olson Markin

Colleen said...

Hmmmm, I thought I won the stupid award for dropping my phone in the toilet?? Maybe they gave away two awards this year?? I can't even yell at you for the o2 thing, because I do it myself. So, that's all I pretty much have to say! lol
Colleen :)

Di said...

Don't beat yourself up.......we all make mistakes. If you learned from it, that is what is important. Rest and I hope you will feel great real soon.
hugs, di

Di said...

Don't beat yourself up.......we all make mistakes. If you learned from it, that is what is important. Rest and I hope you will feel great real soon.
hugs, di

Donna said...

I promise we won't yell at you--just tell you we're all glad to hear you're resting now and have learned how far you can go. We'll do out part by keeping you in our prayers!
Love, Donna

The Admiral said...

I'm not laughing at you.

I'm not making fun.

I'm just amazed that you have the same middle names as Daisy Lou Ann Theresa Sue Louise Harris, Beagle in charge of our house.

Annette said...

Ellen, SEE?? I TOLD you we were related and that you are really from Nebraska!!