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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am here to fess up to being an American Idol junky!! I LOVE this show! I have been watching every week and have enjoyed the wins and losses. I've enjoyed getting to see a bunch of "kids" get an opportunity of a lifetime and, for many, to see a life-long dream come true. The final was tonight. The two finalists are David Cook and David Archuleta (who is only 17 years old!) I don't know who is going to win, and I don't really care. Either one of the David's will be fabulous! Last week I voted for the first time. I was just really moved by David Cook's skills and, especially his story. He is a 25 year old bartender who came to Omaha to support his brother who wanted to try out for the show. While his brother was being interviewed before he tried out, he said that he AND his brother were there to try out. So, David ended up trying out "just because." His brother didn't make it, but David did. David has another brother named Adam. He's older with a wife, two little kids and terminal brain cancer. If you've ever watched the show, you might have noticed "AC" on his guitar. That is in honor of his brother.
Anyway, I just thought I would confess.

Now I need to go and vote.

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to Confession...:

Wendy's Mom said...

I am not much of an American Idol expert so I cannot comment on that one.
However I will comment on the post before this one where you did not use your oxygen. HELLO you know better than that!!! Now I will confess, I do it all the time. I know it is stupid but sometimes it is just easier to leave it off and go do something. Now if I go to a store or somewhere away from home then I always use it. It is when I am actually at home that I am bad. LOL!!

So tell me where did you guys find this hit counter for your blogs??

Please use your oxygen if you are going to walk more than a few feet from you door especially now that it is warmer! LOL!!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

AI...I believe David Cook will win..He hooked me from the beginning..Even though I haven't watched every show this season..I usually watch at least once a week..Little david is so cute and very talented also..So I know either one will do a great job...
Are we all guilty of that o2 deal?? Especially at home..I tell my hubby I will get it later when I sit down..I hate to have it on and in my way..LOL

Di said...

Weren't you a little surprised last night that it was DAVID COOK? I too have been impressed by his humble spirit! I think little David will go great places inspite of not winning. I was pleased for David Cook however. He was really overcome with surprise. Of course I had to cry too!
love ya, di

Anonymous said...

I told ya..My Rocker won:))
Both were great..
Take care..
Hope you are rested up..
Love and hugs,