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Prison Break!!

Friday, May 16, 2008
So, sorry again about being absent for a couple of days. I've just been hitting a little bit of a "PH speed bump." I've been really tired and having some minor chest pain. It's just the typical "PH crap." But, I'm getting lots and lots of rest and the chest pain is basically gone. So, basically it's all good.

What's NOT good though, is what happened on Wednesday night! It's about 9:30 p.m. and I'm mixing my Flolan. Rod is down in the poolhouse working on the pool pump. I hadn't seen the pups for a bit and assumed they were with him....until the phone rang. It was our neighbor. For those of you who don't know, we live on an acreage so our nearest neighbor is the equivalent of about 2-3 blocks away. Anyway, they called to tell us that Asa and Haver are over at their house! Evidently, "the boys" broke through the invisible fence and decided to go visit the neighbor's dog! Rod went over to get them and discovered that the kids accidentally let the dogs out again! We spent the next hour looking for them! I'm walking all over the property yelling for them (without my O2, which probably explains why I haven't felt so good the last couple of days), Rod drove around all over the property and then even got in the car and drove around the local neighborhoods! Well, about an hour into this, the phone rings and it's my neighbor again. The puppies have been found! Evidently the wife didn't notice Asa and Haver in their garage and she shut the garage door! ARG!!!

In the morning, Rod and I assumed (guessed incorrectly) that they had learned their lesson. Rod let them out when he left for work and I took a shower. As soon as I got out of the shower the phone starts to ring. Yes, you guessed it! They were back at the neighbor's again!! I walked over to get them and they came running across the field to me! They didn't even hesitate as they crossed the invisible fence line! ARG!! So, I called the Invisible Fence Company and told them that I would be bringing two collars in to have the corrections set to SINGE!! Well it ended up that Asa lost the battery from his collar and Haver's battery was dead. So, now we have two new batteries and we're back in business!

I missed going to volunteer at school Thursday morning because of the visit to the Invisible Fence place, but I was able to go in the afternoon. It was so wonderful setting their with those kids testing their reading skills. It almost felt like I was their officially.

Friday night we went to my cousin's daughter's graduation party here in Omaha and then we drove down to Lincoln to have dinner with our good friend, Jim.

And, so, here is today, Saturday. I'm going to Lincoln again for another graduation party and hopefully to go see my sister.

I think that's about it for now. I better get my butt in gear and get going.

Thanks for reading.


2 comments to Prison Break!!:

paula54 said...

Oh my goodness! Those bad boys! At least they didn't cross busy F street. I'll have to tell Carie to watch for two adorable puppies! Take care.

Jen said...

OMG..what trouble those boys get into...Yea, I guess that would cause fatigue and chest pain...
Happy Belated Bday:))

Hope you are rested up and feeling better..