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This and that and that and this....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
If you live anywhere close to Nebraska, you know that there is one thing that all (ok, at least most) Nebraskans love....Nebraska football! And, again, if you are in close proximity to Nebraska, you know that we've had a tough couple of years with our FORMER athletic director and FORMER head coach. But, you should also know that we now have a new A.D. and new coach and we are back on track! Well, last night, I got to meet and great and shake the hand of no other than our new head coach, Bo Pelini and his lovely, lovely wife, Mary Pat! The med center had a reception for some of the docs and such last night to try to get a relationship going between the UNL athletic department and the med center to help with recruits who might be interested in going to med school. Anyway, it was really nice and I was really nervous and stumbled over my words numerous times! But, I did keep my wits about me enough to hit him up for an autographed football for our auction at the 3rd Annual Phenomenal Hope for a Cure this November!!

It was cloudy and just kind of BLAH today. I went to bible study this morning and then came home, crocheted, watched "All My Children" and started to feel a little stir crazy. So, I decided to treat myself to some popcorn and a movie. I went to see "Baby Momma." I was suppose to hold off and see it sometime with my sister, but there really wasn't anything else to see and I figured it would be so funny that I would go to it again, anyway. Boy, was I wrong! It was horrible!! The only funny parts were the ones in the previews. So, 8 puppy paws down, way down.

Speaking of puppies.... the dogs got their mitts on an old football. They did their "puppy thing" to it.



Asa and Haver

The boys and their prize

Thanks for reading! :)

7 comments to This and that and that and this....:

paula54 said...

I knew i should have called you. I came in to Carie's today and we went out to lunch. Then back to their house so I could spoil Tennyson. Next time i come in I'll call you and you can come over.
I really wanted to see Baby Mama. Bad huh?
That's cool about meeting Bo and getting his autograph for the fund raiser!!! WAY COOL!!!

Wendy's Mom said...

Wow I think that is pretty cool about meeting the head coach and I do not live any where near Nebraska. LOL!! That was sweet of him to say he would autograph a football for you and I hope that is not the one the boys got a hold of.

I have to say those boys are so cute and Asa has the sweetest little smile on his face. I do believe that they are happy little guys. LOL!!

Sorry the movie was bad. I want to rent Seven Dresses did you go see it and is it worth renting?


barbara said...

That was wonderful annette that you got to meet the Coach. Sorry your movie was cummy, but I bet the popcorn was good.

Take care of Asa and haver they are wild dogs like our Batista and Nikita. They keep the snakes away.
I declare if there is anything they can destroy they will, but I love those two dogs.

Jen said...

Wow, that sounds like fun..and you got something for the fundraiser:))

Sorry the movie sucked..LOL It did look good..I hope the popcorn was good:)
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day...

Kristi said...

Sounds like you had a cool time. Autorgraphed football, how neat is that. Great for the fundraiser. You will get the guys attnetion with that. If you haven't seen Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey, go see it. It's good. At least I enjoyed it. Oh, I have my blog updated. I did it just for you and Jen. LOL!


The Admiral said...

Okay, honey, I have to explain this to you again, but football players get football scholarships because they can't possibly get academic scholarships.

That's why they ain't brain surgeons.

Especially the Corneater Variety.

Boomer Sooner.

Jen said...

Where are ya my Phriend??
A week and no updates??
Hope you are just busy...
Take care