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Sunday night ponderings......

Sunday, September 16, 2007
It was a nice, quiet day. We went to church, stayed and visited for coffee and donuts and then went to have brunch with Nick at Village Inn. Then Nick came over to go through some of his old boxes of "treasures" that had been collecting dust in his old room. Rod worked on a couple of projects around the house and I worked on some stuff for the PH fundraiser. I took an afternoon nap while Rod walked around Zorinsky (do I know how to exercise or do I know how to exercise!!) followed up by a trip to Sonic (Rod, Charlie and I...no ice cream for Charlie...he's got enough smell problems!!) and then back home for a little reading, tv watching and just plain lazy time! Chris called on his way home from working at the Bears football game, sounding tired. I was glad to hear that he was going to have some of his own "down time" when he got home. He's got to get up early to go to work! :)
All in all it was a fabulous Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

Nebraska football fans!

A picture of Chris and I when he was home a couple of weeks ago. We were heading to a wedding.

1 comments to Sunday night ponderings......:

Jacqniel said...

Look at your cute short hair. Is that new?
Take care, dear friend! Jacque