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Guilty Pleasures!

Thursday, September 6, 2007
One of the HUGE positive things about being sick, is the luxury of having time to indulge guilty pleasures! Here's an example of my "guilty pleasures" so far, just today:
1. Driving to McDonalds and get a sausage biscuit for breakfast!
2. Watching Rachael Ray (I don't even cook, and I have no burning desire to start now!)
3. Watching how Whoopi Goldberg does as a new co-host on the View.
4. Running errands (like getting a new safety deposit box) during real business hours.
5. Going to Panera for lunch and stay a little longer to read a couple of chapters in my new Kathy Reichs' novel!
6. Being able to read whenever I want!
7. Knitting lots of scarves for Together, Inc.
8. Watching All My Children and fast-forwarding through the commercials since I Tivo'd it!
9. Reading all of the blogs of all of my friends and my phriends.
10. Watching Charlie be a goofy dog. (see picture)

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to Guilty Pleasures!:

Jacqniel said...

Cute picture. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Hugs, Jacque

Di said...

You've worked hard to EARN those quilty pleasures!!! Your blog always makes me smile. Keep enjoying life.
love ya, di

paula54 said...

Hi Annette. I love Charlie! Bo used to lay on the couch like that too. Sure do miss him. I like your list of guilty pleasures!. I get to doggy sit for Bali,(my niece, Your neighbor) while they go to Hawaii for a week. She's coming later today. Take care, Paula