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Chick Flick Alert!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Yesterday, Rod had a dinner meeting. Now, some might think, "Oh, boo-hoo! Poor me! Rod's off to some dinner meeting and I have to sit home all alone!" Well, not me!!! Whenever Rod has a dinner meeting I think "Woo-Hoo!! It's CHICK FLICK NIGHT!!" I find the chickiest chick flick playing at the movie theater and go buy a buttered popcorn and DIET Coke and thoroughly enjoy myself! Nothing is better than sitting in a movie theater, watching some goofy movie and not having to share my popcorn with anyone!!
So, last night I went to see "The Nanny Diaries!" I absolutely loved it! It was cute, funny and thoroughly entertaining! I would highly recommend it! There were only 4 other people in the movie theater and three of those were these ladies who were all probably in their 70's. Two of them were a bit hard of hearing and so the third one would have to repeat most of the dialogue! It was hilarious! Actually, sometimes it was a bit helpful, especially when I was so busy shoving the buttered popcorn down my throat and I would miss something. I'm so use to watching TV with the Tivo attached to it and rewinding the show when I miss something. I was thrilled to have my own two-legged Tivo...sitting right behind me! ARG!!
OK, that's it for excitement! Thanks for reading!


2 comments to Chick Flick Alert!!:

Di said...

You just crack me up. What I vision I had of you and your BIG buttered popcorn sitting in the movies with your older friends! Thanks for the recommendation. I am always the last one to see the latest movie.
Keep smiling. You always brighten my day. hugs, di

Jacqniel said...

Sounds like fun! So glad you got that diet coke = I am sure it canceled out the buttered popcorn! ;-)