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It's nights like this that make me glad I'm not working...

Monday, September 17, 2007
I have had problems with insomnia since I was diagnosed with PH. Usually a "cocktail" of a couple of sleep aides plus taking some of my regular meds at night instead of the morning (sleepiness is considered a side effect) usually does the trick. But, every once in a while for no apparent reason I have a night like tonight. I've just taken my 2nd benedryl hoping that will put me over the edge and into nighty-night time. It's now 12:30 a.m. and the tv choices are getting pretty bleak. Anyway, thank you God for making it so I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, especially in the front of a room full of first graders! Yet another perk of being sick! I can pull an all-nighter and not have to "pay for it" in the morning.

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to It's nights like this that make me glad I'm not working...:

Jacqniel said...

I am thankful for no school, too. Even though it means that part of me was taken away, I know that it is best not only for me, but for the students who need a teacher fully 'there'. Hope the benedryl finally kicked in!

Di said...

I remember so well nights like that when I was still teaching. I would count the hours left before I would have to get up and teach, and just panic. As you know, you have to be so ON when you teach!! The beauty of us all now is we can take a nap if we are weary in the middle of the morning!
I hope those night for you are few and far between. love ya, di
p.s. Enjoyed seeing your photos especially of your handsome son!

Kathy said...

Your son looks just like you...if this gets posted twice please forgive :) What is your fund raiser? I wish I could come. Nebraska seems like such a nice place...I bet the weather is getting cool...it is already cooler here in the mornings.

Take care, Kathy