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Three Rivers TV Show Was a Bust!!

Monday, November 16, 2009
Now if anyone actually watched it, we need to write complaint letters to the station and tell them what a horrible job they did! First off, they had a 22 year old man. Now, granted, some men do get PH. But, the average PH person is a middle-aged woman. Plus, babies are sometimes born with the disease. So, in terms of awareness and helping viewers understand if their symptoms might be PH-related, they blew that. Speaking of symptoms...the man was not on oxygen, he was very active, (playing in the leaves with his brothers and sister...)he had no chest pains, he passed out and then wheezed like he was having an asthma attack! Then, the doctor at the hospital told him he needed to have a lung transplant. The guy refused because he needed to stay home to take care of his brothers and sister. So, the doctor said he would write a prescription, but he didn't say what it was. The writers could have used this moment to talk about Revatio which is one of the oral meds that are used! I could go on and on but, the bottom line is that it is really, really disappointing to see a completely wasted opportunity to teach thousands and thousands of people of PH. ARG!!!!!!!

Oh well, thanks for trying.


2 comments to Three Rivers TV Show Was a Bust!!:

MarciaB said...

I totally agree. That's why I gave the show one shot and don't watch it. they never get into any details when PH is involved.

Di said...

I did watch it and was bummed. Not factual at all. What was the point??? Glad you are educating all of us. I have learned so much from you. Continue teaching.
hugs, di