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Sorry, I did it again!

Monday, November 23, 2009
I'm here and I'm fine. I promise I'll write more, maybe still today.
thanks for checking.
the lazy one

4 comments to Sorry, I did it again!:

Lynne said...

Missing your movie reviews Annette. I will have about a week in Omaha starting Dec. 4th and I want to see some of the new movies while I'm there.

Nicole said...

Mrs. Markin! I've tracked you down via the lovely internet. I am so glad to hear you're doing well. I read a few entries on your blog and I saw your excellent exercise test results - Great work!!

Not ten minutes ago I finished a lecture on the pharmacology used for PAH. I thought of you (not knowing your diagnosis), googled your name and VOILA! I asked and received.

You're often in my thoughts and yes, I did learn everything I know from my first grade teacher :)

Annette said...

Is this Nikki Westeramp? If so, please let me know. Please!!!

Nicole said...

To prove my lack of blog savvy, I am replying back at this old thread. I tried to email you directly from your comment, but I don't think it worked. ? You guessed me correctly... I thought my full name was posted on here before - I wasn't trying to be mysterious! Does this thing show you my email address? It's nwesterc@unmc.edu.