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I'm very nervous...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
A reporter from Fox 42 and a cameraman are coming to my home this morning to interview me about pulmonary hypertension and the high cost of medicines needed to treat the disease. One of my medications is a syldenaphil (I'm pretty sure I've screwed up that spelling. ) It's a vaso-diolater. It helps to keep the pulmonary artery relaxed and diolated to hopefully keep the pressures lower which would then cause less stress to my heart. It is the same medicine used for erectile dysfunction. When it is used for "ED" is is called "Viagra." When it is used for pulmonary hypertension it is called, "Revatio." Viagra comes in 25 mg doses and "Revatio" doses come in 20 mg pills. All insurance companies including Medicare pay for men's Viagra. Neither one of my insurance policies, my own policy and/or my husbands policy that he gets through the University of Nebraska Medical Center will pay for the Revatio. The Revatio pills cost $10.00 a pill. I have to take 3 pills a day, every day to help keep my pulmonary arteries open, giving me a better quality of life.

So, I'll fill in more tomorrow. I need to get to bed. Wish me luck.

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2 comments to I'm very nervous...:

Lynne said...

Another reason for reform! I hope I can see it online.

shannysnewlungs said...

Good luck, you will do great! I am on that medication as well as Flolan, it really does help. We have funding issues in Canada as well.