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Well, this is a new one!

Friday, October 10, 2008
I just came back from the doctor's office. My lungs sound nice and clear. I just need to keep up with the antibiotics and the anti-yeast infection drugs (my mouth...yuck!!). I told her that I've been able to reach my "goal" on the little breather thingy I got in the hospital. I need to have an x-ray during the beginning of November to see if my lungs have completely cleared.

So, as I was getting ready to go, the doctor took my hand and said, "You remind me of one of those little toys that you push down in the water and they keep popping right back up." I think that's a compliment!

Yesterday, I had basically the exact opposite comment. I went in for a follow-up mammogram for some suspicious spots the doctor detected 6 months ago. By the way, they look the same, so I just need to go back in another 6 months. Anyway, I had the same tech do the "squeeze machine" from 6 months ago. She said, "Now, you have...pulmonary fib...?" I said, "No, I have pulmonary hypertension." She said, (are you sitting down for this one?) " I just hate those slow, painful...." She didn't actually finish the sentence, but I'm pretty sure she was going to say "deaths." I think I like being a bobbing water toy.

Thanks for reading.


Oh, by the way, did I ever show you what Haver did to the laundry room wall?

The dog has issues, lots of issues.

4 comments to Well, this is a new one!:

Anonymous said...

Man...that dog does have issues..LOL

Hey..that was a compliment..I could see you as the bobbling toy...LOL ;)

Glad you are feeling better..Did it take a DQ Blizzard to get better??LOl

Love & Hugs,

Annette said...

Jen, thank you for the wonderful card and YES, I forgot to mention that after the "squeeze play" and "slow..painful..." comment, I DID stop and get a Blizzard! You can SO read my mind!

Anonymous said...

Yea..I thought a Blizzard takes care of everything..LOL

Feel better Cutie;))

Love & Hugs,

The Admiral said...

You think you might be able to report that charming "long slow" person to the proper authorities?

Obviously you have a life. She needs to get one.