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I've been a busy non-blogger!

Friday, October 24, 2008
I cannot believe that our PH fundraiser is a week from tomorrow! ARG!! I've been trying to get the few things done that I have to do. Have you ever had things that you had to get done. But, for some reason, you end up spinning your wheels so much you end up not getting anything accomplished?

I'm also worried because we are so far behind where we were last year in terms of numbers and donations. I'm trying really, really hard to live what I've learned and what I've preached: "Let go and let God." We already have so many things to celebrate with this year's event! We have had more phriends donate items for the auctions than we have ever had before! We have an awesome speaker coming, Col Carl Hicks! I've got over 20 fabulous stories and pictures of various phriends (friends with PH) that we will put in little booklets to give to attendees!

So, I'm going to go get some work done before Rod and I have our date night. I think we're going to go see "Eagle Eye."

Hopefully it will be a good movie. But, more importantly, hopefully the popcorn will be delicious!!

Take care.
Thanks for reading.


3 comments to I've been a busy non-blogger!:

Anonymous said...

Annette..Just remember we all appreciate all you do and everything helps:))

Enjoy the movie..extra butter will be good;))

Take care and all will be fine...


Colleen said...

It will be a success no matter what, my friend! :) :)

I'm going to a movie on Sunday with a bunch of people. We are seeing The Secret Life of Bees. I read the book a year or two ago, and loved it! I hope you enjoy your movie, and most of all, that popcorn!!

Colleen :)

barbara said...

I suppose with the economy the way it is people are so afraid to spend any money, it is getting really bad. I wish that things would improve, but it appears like that is a long way in the future and what is going to suffer is donations for much needed things.

good luck and God bless you